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Revision tags: 2.1.1r, 2.1.0r, 2.0.1-linux, 2.0.2r, couchdb1.2.x_v0.3.0, couchbase_v0.3.0, couchbase_1.1.2_geo, couchbase_1.1_geo
d09068e122-Feb-2011 Volker Mische <volker.mische@gmail.com>

Removed debugging left-over.

5a14c11417-Feb-2011 Volker Mische <volker.mische@gmail.com>

Added tests for GeoJSON serialisation.

1508b75816-Feb-2011 Volker Mische <volker.mische@gmail.com>

On disk format supports GeometryCollections.

ee34980216-Feb-2011 Volker Mische <volker.mische@gmail.com>

Make on disk storage of geometries more concise.

40b149b615-Feb-2011 Volker Mische <volker.mische@gmail.com>

Index creation on empty indexes was triggered by stale=ok, _spatial/_info and _spatial_cleanup.

b1107c4315-Feb-2011 Volker Mische <volker.mische@gmail.com>

Made tests more robust for Firefox.

66eb813115-Feb-2011 Volker Mische <volker.mische@gmail.com>

Version the spatial index on disk format. Store the version in the header and use it for the creation of spatial group signatures.

fc927e0615-Feb-2011 Volker Mische <volker.mische@gmail.com>

Make CouchDB 1.0.2's mochiweb happy.

afac582909-Feb-2011 Volker Mische <volker.mische@gmail.com>

BREAKING CHANGE: In the list function the row property "key" was renamed to "bbox" to be more consistent.

a794cf0709-Feb-2011 Volker Mische <volker.mische@gmail.com>

Output geometry and give access to geometry and bounding box in list functions.

2a1c2c9e09-Feb-2011 Volker Mische <volker.mische@gmail.com>

Store full geometries within the vtree.

34ef530e09-Feb-2011 Volker Mische <volker.mische@gmail.com>

Make multiple spatial emits test work with Chromium.

3f97ef7609-Feb-2011 Volker Mische <volker.mische@gmail.com>

Fixed bug: Root node overflow while bulk loading. Regression test added.

17a3093e08-Feb-2011 Volker Mische <volker.mische@gmail.com>

Fixed bug: when tree contains nodes with the same ID, the deletion wasn't always right.

f7bd9dfa03-Feb-2011 Volker Mische <volker.mische@gmail.com>

Failing tests use a 1.1.x feature. Disable them for now (as using CommonJS modules in spatial functions wasn't supported officially anyway).

5adc56f803-Feb-2011 Volker Mische <volker.mische@gmail.com>

make_arity_3_fun/1 isn't exported in 1.0.x, put it into geocouch_duplicates.

8c0df31003-Feb-2011 Volker Mische <volker.mische@gmail.com>

Typo in listing of tests.

2f7d61f403-Feb-2011 Volker Mische <volker.mische@gmail.com>

Added new tests to README.

113e215903-Feb-2011 Jason Smith <jhs@couchone.com>

Use the configured os_process_timeout as a fallback if not defined in QueryConfig (as with v1.0.x)

9f0e1b7d02-Feb-2011 Volker Mische <volker.mische@gmail.com>

Fixed tests.

6e7995a402-Feb-2011 Volker Mische <volker.mische@gmail.com>

Added tests for multiple emit()s.

a637882602-Feb-2011 Volker Mische <volker.mische@gmail.com>

Support for multiple emits in spatial functions. Tests are missing.

deb767de01-Feb-2011 Volker Mische <volker.mische@gmail.com>

Make fold function more like the View counterpart (put key/bbox and ID in a tuple). Fixed a bug with multi bbox lookups (this is an internal function).

bf79a0f728-Jan-2011 Volker Mische <volker.mische@gmail.com>

Added information that CouchDB >= 1.0.2 is needed.

6448712e26-Jan-2011 Volker Mische <volker.mische@gmail.com>

Log warning if deprectated spatial _list API is used.