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Revision tags: 2.1.1r, 2.0.2r, 2.0.1-linux, 1.7.0
a191e6c309-May-2011 Trond Norbye <trond.norbye@gmail.com>

Fix compilation on Solaris (get the -L before the -l)

Change-Id: I6e402b89c66d04e02a71bc89986a19ea76955883

1b2ed22903-May-2011 Aliaksey Kandratsenka <alk@tut.by>

added iowait time to idle

So that Unix machines don't count iowait time as 'cpu-used'.

Change-Id: I8d919bdad6e4b2cc3e347dbda6ed485ab6825f6b

1aa8cd9f03-May-2011 Aliaksey Kandratsenka <alk@tut.by>


Change-Id: I7689524f682ed0ad164f28a28e7db3e87b54ba91

2ffcf7ae03-May-2011 Aliaksey Kandratsenka <alk@tut.by>

set binary mode for stdin and stdout

Change-Id: I8b0de9c18eb1904e3d95ba0a5f4e12ff6247d8a0

d836fad122-Mar-2011 Trond Norbye <trond.norbye@gmail.com>

Fix the test to search for sigar

Change-Id: I028d45c914a0d36ae3d6a6956fcef558d026b5b0

3d80adb710-Mar-2011 Aliaksey Kandratsenka <alk@tut.by>

made it find libsigar on windows

8d00f20910-Mar-2011 Aliaksey Kandratsenka <alk@tut.by>

Membase is already Couchbase

0d77579a01-Mar-2011 Aliaksey Kandratsenka <alk@tut.by>

added copyright header and reformatted for membase C coding style

40e3dca301-Mar-2011 Aliaksey Kandratsenka <alk@tut.by>

use version 0 of 'protocol'

0b76757b01-Mar-2011 Aliaksey Kandratsenka <alk@tut.by>

added license and README

f9ceb5d126-Feb-2011 Aliaksey Kandratsenka <alk@tut.by>

made it actually work

996501a426-Feb-2011 Aliaksey Kandratsenka <alk@tut.by>

use libtool to link with rpath

7a611f3d26-Feb-2011 Aliaksey Kandratsenka <alk@tut.by>

created initial autotools project