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Revision tags: v4.0.0, v3.0.2, v3.0.0, v2.5.0, 2.0.1-linux, sigar-1.6.4
# 61837690 28-Apr-2010 Doug MacEachern <dougm@hyperic.com>

1.6.4 change summary

Revision tags: sigar-1.6.3
# 80016c67 09-Jul-2009 Doug MacEachern <dougm@hyperic.com>

cherry-picked hpux fixes from master

# 9326fe4a 09-Jul-2009 Doug MacEachern <dougm@hyperic.com>

1.6.3 changes

# b8d4a04d 08-Jul-2009 Doug MacEachern <dougm@hyperic.com>

1.6.2 changes

Revision tags: sigar-1.6.2, sigar-1.6.1, sigar-1.6.0
# 19d18c7e 07-Sep-2008 Doug MacEachern <dougm@hyperic.com>

1.6 change summary

# 1791f0ec 01-Feb-2008 Doug MacEachern <dougm@hyperic.com>

1.5 changes

# 203bab3a 14-Apr-2007 Doug MacEachern <dougm@hyperic.com>


# 1e922146 06-Apr-2007 Doug MacEachern <dougm@hyperic.com>

[SIGAR-47] Fix sigar_mem_get on 64-bit FreeBSD

# f6f395d6 06-Apr-2007 Doug MacEachern <dougm@hyperic.com>

Add net_listen_address function to lookup bind address of a listen socket

# 86deb1a2 06-Apr-2007 Doug MacEachern <dougm@hyperic.com>

Add net_stat_port function to provide metrics on specific port+address

# 808a7dee 05-Apr-2007 Doug MacEachern <dougm@hyperic.com>

update changes

# e3edf380 05-Apr-2007 Doug MacEachern <dougm@hyperic.com>

[SIGAR-46] Fix cpu_info.{mhz,cache_size} fields in UML vms

# b457837f 29-Mar-2007 Doug MacEachern <dougm@hyperic.com>

Fix cpu ticks to msec on linux/ia64
Submitted by: Jan Kneschke <jan.kneschke@mysql.com>

# b1a19f4e 24-Mar-2007 Doug MacEachern <dougm@hyperic.com>

Implement proc_state_t.threads on OS X

# 93ef97aa 11-Mar-2007 Doug MacEachern <dougm@hyperic.com>

Implement native sigar_proc_cpu_get function

# 1affc515 07-Mar-2007 Doug MacEachern <dougm@hyperic.com>

Plug various handle+mem leaks on win32
Submitted by: Jan Kneschke <jan.kneschke@mysql.com>

# 30c1d357 24-Feb-2007 Doug MacEachern <dougm@hyperic.com>

Make Java objects returned by Sigar class Serializable

# 6a926ec9 22-Feb-2007 Doug MacEachern <dougm@hyperic.com>

Perl binding updates
Submitted by: Nicolas Laurent

# 85407d98 22-Feb-2007 Doug MacEachern <dougm@hyperic.com>

[SIGAR-45] Fix disk reads/writes for LVM managed volumes

# 4faf382a 15-Feb-2007 Doug MacEachern <dougm@hyperic.com>

[SIGAR-42] Honor Solaris mnttab ignore flag in file_system_list

# 39d8d093 13-Feb-2007 Doug MacEachern <dougm@hyperic.com>

[SIGAR-17] Fix possible bad cpu list number on Solaris

# 3f94d624 07-Feb-2007 Doug MacEachern <dougm@hyperic.com>

Make sure solaris has _POSIX_PTHREAD_SEMANTICS defined

# 85a5f105 02-Feb-2007 Doug MacEachern <dougm@hyperic.com>

[SIGAR-40] Change win32 file_system_list to ignore removable disks

# db6cc45f 29-Jan-2007 Doug MacEachern <dougm@hyperic.com>

[SIGAR-38] Change win32 swap_get to use GlobalMemoryStatusEx

# 6eb5f9db 24-Jan-2007 Doug MacEachern <dougm@hyperic.com>

Add proper thread_cpu impl for OS X