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Revision tags: v5.5.0, v5.0.0
# ac0ad76c 14-Jun-2016 Will Gardner <will.gardner@couchbase.com>

Add design documents to the respository

# a171df0c 21-May-2016 chippiewill <wg607@york.ac.uk>

Improve top-level makefile support for coverage

# a59536ba 20-May-2016 Will Gardner <will.gardner@couchbase.com>

Ignore coverage files

# ef0b9a6f 19-May-2016 Will Gardner <will.gardner@couchbase.com>

Improve documentation

# 33a94713 04-May-2016 Will Gardner <will.gardner@couchbase.com>

Ignore build directory

# de3dbc79 04-May-2016 Will Gardner <will.gardner@couchbase.com>

Add Doxyfile

# 39218d14 27-Apr-2016 Will Gardner <will.gardner@couchbase.com>

Initial commit