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Revision tags: v5.5.0, v5.0.0
# 5c73097b 21-Jun-2016 Will Gardner <will.gardner@couchbase.com>

Add an example usage of Phosphor

# 19b3272f 19-Jun-2016 Will Gardner <will.gardner@couchbase.com>

Make it easier to run with TSan or ASan

# ad27b80d 16-Jun-2016 Will Gardner <will.gardner@couchbase.com>

Add clang-format and reformat code

# 0e6d48c8 16-Jun-2016 Will Gardner <will.gardner@couchbase.com>

Remove redundant coverage report target from Top MakeFile

# e20dfde4 27-May-2016 Will Gardner <will.gardner@couchbase.com>

Exclude test directory from coverage report

# 1211f8a6 26-May-2016 Will Gardner <will.gardner@couchbase.com>

Add support for alternate build systems like ninja

# ca6dbd74 21-May-2016 chippiewill <wg607@york.ac.uk>

Fix coverage makefile step

# a171df0c 21-May-2016 chippiewill <wg607@york.ac.uk>

Improve top-level makefile support for coverage

# 64c7f48e 20-May-2016 Will Gardner <will.gardner@couchbase.com>

Expand Makefile

# bfa24765 20-May-2016 Will Gardner <will.gardner@couchbase.com>

Add Makefile for convienience

# d3de8907 20-May-2016 Will Gardner <will.gardner@couchbase.com>

De-inline Sentinel