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Revision tags: v0.34.0, v0.33.0, v0.32.0, v0.31.0, v0.30.0, v0.29.0, v0.28.0, v0.27.0, v0.26.0, v0.25.0
57542c7e22-Oct-2017 Martin Moene <martin.moene@gmail.com>

Release 0.25.0

54c6b6a422-Oct-2017 Martin Moene <martin.moene@gmail.com>

Add Ensures to not_null::get() as in M-GSL (now gsl_constexpr14)

38a1671f22-Oct-2017 Martin Moene <martin.moene@gmail.com>

Decorate global not_null operators with gsl_is_delete (made lowercase), issue #81

998531a422-Oct-2017 Martin Moene <martin.moene@gmail.com>

Use = default for not_null copy assignment/construction if available

65c1f2f822-Oct-2017 Martin Moene <martin.moene@gmail.com>

Take parameter in not_null assignment by value as in ctor

6753c59222-Oct-2017 Martin Moene <martin.moene@gmail.com>

Introduce gsl_IS_DEFAULT, solves issue #81

41fd615e21-Oct-2017 Martin Moene <martin.moene@gmail.com>

Place unwanted not_null operators close together

91a54e5221-Oct-2017 Martin Moene <martin.moene@gmail.com>

Update README.md

9b0d589021-Oct-2017 Martin Moene <martin.moene@gmail.com>

Add more comparison operators, per issue #83

8dc7766e21-Oct-2017 Martin Moene <martin.moene@gmail.com>

Add non-class deleted operators for not_null<>, per issue #82

8e8f903e21-Oct-2017 Martin Moene <martin.moene@gmail.com>

Add in-class deleted operators for std::ptrdiff_t to not_null<>, per issue #82

e0a4688021-Oct-2017 Martin Moene <martin.moene@gmail.com>

Restrict owner<T> to pointers if possible, solves issue #80

90b275c523-Aug-2017 Martin Moene <martin.moene@gmail.com>

Update compiler explorer code to show gsl lite version

e569380222-Aug-2017 Martin Moene <martin.moene@gmail.com>

Add Visual Studio debug visualizer (.natvis)

69b053bc22-Aug-2017 Martin Moene <martin.moene@gmail.com>

Add godbolt online badge

b0f5359b14-Jul-2017 Martin Moene <martin.moene@gmail.com>

Fix a single tab

Revision tags: v0.24.0
47e1145c10-Jul-2017 Martin Moene <martin.moene@gmail.com>

Release 0.24.0

f9c1c99310-Jul-2017 Martin Moene <martin.moene@gmail.com>

Add 'try it online' badge

381186eb10-Jul-2017 Martin Moene <martin.moene@gmail.com>

Merge pull request #76 from cinghiale/to_byte17

Implement to_byte() under c++17 (thanks to David Mugnai, @cinghiale)

ab9c5d7d10-Jul-2017 David Mugnai <dvd@gnx.it>

to_byte() fix the TODO when c++17 is enabled

The fix implement the code discussed in the issue #75

b064124f10-Jul-2017 David Mugnai <dvd@gnx.it>

enable the test suite support for c++17

Triggered when compiled with g++ >= 7.1.0

Revision tags: v0.23.0
0ab6d14c29-Jun-2017 Martin Moene <martin.moene@gmail.com>

Release 0.23.0

773d567829-Jun-2017 Martin Moene <martin.moene@gmail.com>

Enable use of option -Wundef per issue #74

6726a92d29-Jun-2017 Martin Moene <martin.moene@gmail.com>

Update lest to version 1.30.1

489d94d127-Jun-2017 Martin Moene <martin.moene@gmail.com>

Check macro via #ifdef if possibly undefined (support -Wundef)