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Revision tags: v1.9.2, v1.9.1, v1.9.0, v1.8.5, v1.8.4, v1.8.3, v1.8.2, v1.8.1, v1.8.0, v1.7.0, v1.6.1, v1.6.0, v1.5.0, v1.4.2, v1.4.1, v1.4.0, v1.3.1, v1.3.0, v1.2.1, v1.2.0, v1.1.0
# 530e209f 13-Aug-2018 gabime <gmelman1@gmail.com>

Fixed async tests to pass TASN checks

Revision tags: v1.0.0
# fe732554 22-Jul-2018 gabime <gmelman1@gmail.com>

Fixed issue #759

# c2a49080 14-Jul-2018 gabime <gmelman1@gmail.com>

Refactored sink interface and base_sink

# 0c19bdd7 23-Jun-2018 gabime <gmelman1@gmail.com>

pattern per sink and pattern caching

# a21594be 10-Jun-2018 gabime <gmelman1@gmail.com>

move underscores to the end of private members

# 8338b45b 26-May-2018 gabime <gmelman1@gmail.com>

added tp->wait_empty()

# b9d7c45e 22-May-2018 gabime <gmelman1@gmail.com>

Use blocking queue