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H A Dtest_helpers.h80 TimeTraveller(int by) in TimeTraveller() argument
92 int by; member in TimeTraveller
H A Dgroup.go[all...]
H A Dmissing.go98 respect to the other values type by subtracting them and type
H A Ddest.go[all...]
H A Dmanager_planner.go
H A Dapi.go[all...]
H A Dcapi_nozzle.go
H A Dmock_server.cc285 void mock_time_travel(int by) { in mock_time_travel() argument
H A Dcheckpoint.h558 incrementMemConsumption(size_t by) incrementMemConsumption() argument
H A Dstream.h253 void incrBackfillRemaining(size_t by) { in incrBackfillRemaining() argument

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