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H A Dencryption.h34 uint8_t extra[32]; // scratch space for encryptor to use member
H A Dfunctions.go397 var extra []interface{} var
H A Dmemory_tracking_allocator_test.cc51 size_t extra = 0; member in MemoryTrackingAllocatorListTest
H A Dcheckpoint_test.cc2327 size_t extra = 0; in testExpelCheckpointItemsMemoryRecovered() local
H A Dtypes.go
H A Dhandshaker.go281 var extra []byte var
H A Dsafearray_func.go
H A Dsafearray_windows.go
H A Dmain.go
H A Dendpoint_errors.go22 var extra string var
H A Dsettings.cc99 std::string extra; in throw_file_exception() local
H A Dcouch_db.cc543 char *extra = (char *)docInfo + sizeof(DocInfo); in couchstore_alloc_docinfo() local
H A Dclient_mcbp_commands.cc1462 auto extra = payload.getBuffer(); in encode() local
H A Dep_testsuite.cc86 int extra; member in ThreadData
7688 std::vector<std::string> extra; in test_mb19687_fixed() local

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