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H A Dsetup.py10 function = "setitup" variable
H A Dchangessincefilter.lua
H A Dbulk.lua
H A Dcompact.lua
H A Ddropdel.lua
H A Dlarge.lua
H A Dstdin_check.cc114 void start_stdin_listener(std::function<void()> function) { in start_stdin_listener() argument
H A Denginemap.cc53 Engine* createEngine(const std::string& so, const std::string& function) { in createEngine() argument
H A Dmcbp_executors.cc606 setup_response_handler(cb::mcbp::ClientOpcode opcode, HandlerFunction function) setup_response_handler() argument
612 setup_handler(cb::mcbp::ClientOpcode opcode, HandlerFunction function) setup_handler() argument
H A Dgencode.cc57 const char *function = NULL; in main() local
H A Dopcode_test.cc237 static void testAllOpcodes(std::function<bool(ClientOpcode)> function, in testAllOpcodes() argument
H A Dmeck_code_gen.erl41 -define(function(Name, Arity, Clauses), macro
H A Devp_store_collections_test.cc824 std::function<Collections::KVStore::Manifest()> function; in collectionsFlusher() member
H A Dcut.erl65 function(Name, Arity, Clauses0) -> function
H A Dmock_server.cc83 void mock_set_pre_link_function(PreLinkFunction function) { in mock_set_pre_link_function() argument
H A Dengine_testapp.cc1215 mock_set_pre_link_function(function); variable
H A Dcondition.go1211 // attribute_type function in DynamoDB Condition Expressions. The DynamoDB types global() type
1243 // attribute_type function in DynamoDB Condition Expressions. The DynamoDB types global() type
H A Dep_testsuite_basic.cc1917 PreLinkFunction function = pre_link_doc_callback; in pre_link_document() local
H A Dformat.h272 struct function struct
H A Dtypescript.js3397 "from": 136 /* FromKeyword */, global() property in textToToken
16369 "object": 16 /* TypeofEQObject */, global() property in typeofEQFacts
16378 "object": 2048 /* TypeofNEObject */, global() property in typeofNEFacts

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