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H A Dsystemevent.cc26 std::unique_ptr<Item> SystemEventFactory::make(SystemEvent se, in make() function in SystemEventFactory
96 std::unique_ptr<SystemEventProducerMessage> SystemEventProducerMessage::make( in make() function in SystemEventProducerMessage
H A Dstoreddockey.h238 static std::unique_ptr<SerialisedDocKey, SerialisedDocKeyDelete> make( in make() function in SerialisedDocKey
H A Dmochiweb_headers.erl25 make(L) when is_list(L) -> function
28 make(T) -> function
H A Drename_test.go[all...]
H A Dcheck.go
H A Dapi.go5343 // by commas. The keywords of a type make the type easier to find during a search. type
H A Dlest_cpp03.hpp535 static std::string make( TU const & tuple ) in make() function
546 static std::string make( TU const & ) { return ""; } in make() function
1204 C make( T const * first, T const * const last ) in make() function

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