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H A Dfunc.go
H A Dbuilder.go885 // a (possibly built-in) function of effective type sig. type
H A Ddebug.cc81 void sigalrm_handler(int sig) { in sigalrm_handler() argument
87 static void sigsegv_handler(int sig, siginfo_t *siginfo, void *context) in sigsegv_handler() argument
H A Dlostcancel.go132 var sig *types.Signature var
H A Dcompletion.go[all...]
H A Dsolaris_sigar.c61 int sigar_os_open(sigar_t **sig) in sigar_os_open() argument
H A Dexternal_unix.go
H A Dreflect.go1881 var sig *type var

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