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H A Dmcbpdestroybuckettask.h56 DestroyBucketThread thread; member in McbpDestroyBucketTask
H A Dparent_monitor.h45 cb_thread_t thread; member in ParentMonitor
H A Dconnections.cc88 void iterate_thread_connections(LIBEVENT_THREAD* thread, in iterate_thread_connections() argument
157 auto* thread = c->getThread(); in run_event_loop() local
222 auto thread = connection.getThread(); in conn_close() local
167 conn_new(const SOCKET sfd, in_port_t parent_port, struct event_base* base, LIBEVENT_THREAD* thread) conn_new() argument
314 auto thread = c->getThread(); conn_return_buffers() local
H A Dthread.cc415 auto& thread = threads[tid]; dispatch_conn_new() local
547 notify_thread(LIBEVENT_THREAD& thread) notify_thread() argument
556 auto* thread = c->getThread(); add_conn_to_pending_io_list() local
H A Dconnection.h251 void setThread(LIBEVENT_THREAD* thread) { in setThread() argument
H A Dmemcached.cc2181 DestroyBucketThread thread; delete_all_buckets() member in DestroyBucketTask
H A Dconflate_internal.h21 cb_thread_t thread; member
H A Dtestapp_saslauthd.cc45 std::thread thread; member in MockAuthServer
H A Dthread.cc58 static void run(Thread& thread) { in run() argument
64 auto* thread = reinterpret_cast<Couchbase::Thread*>(arg); in task_thread_main() local
H A Dcreate_remove_bucket_command_context.cc53 CreateBucketThread thread; member in McbpCreateBucketTask
H A Dexecutorthread.h149 cb_thread_t thread; member in ExecutorThread
H A Dtaskqueue.cc154 bool TaskQueue::fetchNextTask(ExecutorThread &thread, bool toSleep) { in fetchNextTask() argument
H A Dthreadtests.h113 cb_thread_t thread; member in SyncTestThread
H A Dthread.c169 cb_thread_t thread; in create_worker() local
348 LIBEVENT_THREAD *thread; dispatch_conn_new_to_thread() local
H A Dcproxy.c1438 cproxy_connect_downstream(downstream *d, LIBEVENT_THREAD *thread, int server_index) global() argument
1555 cproxy_connect_downstream_conn(downstream *d, LIBEVENT_THREAD *thread, mcs_server_st *msst, proxy_behavior *behavior) global() argument
3296 zstored_get_downstream_conns(LIBEVENT_THREAD *thread, const char *host_ident) global() argument
3325 zstored_error_count(LIBEVENT_THREAD *thread, const char *host_ident, bool has_error) global() argument
3390 zstored_acquire_downstream_conn(downstream *d, LIBEVENT_THREAD *thread, mcs_server_st *msst, proxy_behavior *behavior, bool *downstream_conn_max_reached) global() argument
3567 LIBEVENT_THREAD *thread = thread_by_index(thread_index(cb_thread_self())); global() local
3626 zstored_downstream_waiting_add(downstream *d, LIBEVENT_THREAD *thread, mcs_server_st *msst, proxy_behavior *behavior) global() argument
H A Dmemcached.h475 LIBEVENT_THREAD *thread; /* Pointer to the thread object serving this connection */ member

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