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H A Dt_packet.cc134 lcb::MemcachedResponse pi; in TEST_F() local
136 ASSERT_TRUE(pi.load(&ior, &wanted)); in TEST_F()
138 ASSERT_EQ(0, pi.status()); in TEST_F()
140 ASSERT_EQ(0, pi.opaque()); in TEST_F()
141 ASSERT_EQ(7, pi.bodylen()); in TEST_F()
142 ASSERT_EQ(3, pi.vallen()); in TEST_F()
143 ASSERT_EQ(0, pi.keylen()); in TEST_F()
144 ASSERT_EQ(4, pi.extlen()); in TEST_F()
145 ASSERT_EQ(pi in TEST_F()
162 lcb::MemcachedResponse pi; TEST_F() local
191 lcb::MemcachedResponse pi; TEST_F() local
H A Dprocutil.c220 &proc->pi /* PROCESS_INFORMATION */); in spawn_process_impl()
235 TerminateProcess(process->pi.hProcess, 0); in kill_process()
252 result = WaitForSingleObject(process->pi.hProcess, millis); in wait_process()
260 if (!GetExitCodeProcess(process->pi.hProcess, &result)) { in wait_process()
271 CloseHandle(process->pi.hProcess); in cleanup_process()
272 CloseHandle(process->pi.hThread); in cleanup_process()
H A Dprocutil.h51 PROCESS_INFORMATION pi; member
H A Diofactory.c293 * Note, the 'pi' is just a context variable to ensure the pointers copied
296 static lcb_STATUS generate_options(plugin_info *pi, const struct lcb_create_io_ops_st *user, in generate_options() argument
318 memset(pi, 0, sizeof(*pi)); in generate_options()
320 rv = get_env_plugin_info(pi); in generate_options()
322 options_from_info(ours, pi); in generate_options()
325 *type = pi->iotype; in generate_options()
393 plugin_info pi; in lcb_create_io_ops() local
401 err = generate_options(&pi, io_opts, &options, NULL); in lcb_create_io_ops()
513 plugin_info pi; in lcb_iops_cntl_handler() local

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