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H A Dprocutil.c76 if (proc->redirect) { in spawn_process_impl()
77 int fd = open(proc->redirect, O_RDWR | O_CREAT | O_APPEND, 0644); in spawn_process_impl()
79 perror(proc->redirect); in spawn_process_impl()
187 if (proc->redirect) { in spawn_process_impl()
195 out = CreateFile(proc->redirect, FILE_APPEND_DATA, FILE_SHARE_WRITE | FILE_SHARE_READ, &attrs, OPEN_ALWAYS, in spawn_process_impl()
198 fprintf(stderr, "Couldn't open '%s'. %d\n", proc->redirect, (int)GetLastError()); in spawn_process_impl()
273 if (process->redirect) { in cleanup_process()
H A Dprocutil.h37 const char *redirect; member
H A Dhttp-priv.h183 * Called when a redirect has happened. pending_redirect must not be empty.
184 * This will transfer control to the redirect call. If there is an error
185 * during redirect, the appropriate finish() API will be called by this
191 void redirect();
H A Dhttp_io.cc155 // parse error or redirect in io_read()
159 // Transfer control to redirect function() in io_read()
160 lcb_log(LOGARGS(req, DEBUG), LOGFMT "Attempting redirect to %s", LOGID(req), req->pending_redirect.c_str()); in io_read()
161 req->redirect(); in io_read()
H A Dhttp.cc503 void Request::redirect()
519 lcb_log(LOGARGS(this, ERR), LOGFMT "Failed to add redirect URL (%s)", LOGID(this), url.c_str());
H A Dcheck-all.cc441 proc_.redirect = logfileName.c_str();

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