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H A Dexecutorpool.cc39 void cb::ExecutorPool::schedule(std::shared_ptr<Task>& task, bool runnable) { in schedule() argument
46 executors[++roundRobin % executors.size()]->schedule(task, runnable); in schedule()
H A Dexecutor.cc101 void Executor::schedule(const std::shared_ptr<Task>& task, bool runnable) { in schedule() argument
105 if (runnable) { in schedule()
H A Dexecutorpool.h58 * @param runnable is the task runnable, or should it be put in
61 void schedule(std::shared_ptr<Task>& task, bool runnable = true);
65 * to make tasks that are scheduled to run the future runnable.
H A Dexecutor.h36 * it is put on the waitq until someone makes the object runnable by calling
62 void schedule(const std::shared_ptr<Task>& command, bool runnable);
65 * Make the task runnable
70 * Schedule the task to be made runnable in the future
113 * the "wait queue". These commands may be runnable in any given order
124 * If a task needs to be be runnable at a specific time in the future
H A Dend2end_test.go392 func (e env) runnable() bool {
422 if !e.runnable() {
431 if e.runnable() {

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