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H A Dtuq.py2622 if isinstance(data, basestring):
H A Dcbas_secondary_indexes.py530 if isinstance(search_by, basestring):
618 if isinstance(search_by, basestring):
H A Dremote_util.py1373 if isinstance(found, basestring):
H A DBeautifulSoup.py133 if (isinstance(newChild, basestring)
784 return isinstance(s, unicode) or isintance(s, basestring)
H A Dcbstats234 elif isinstance(sort_by, basestring):
H A Dcouchstore.py71 if not isinstance(key, basestring):
H A Dview.py44 if not isinstance(message, basestring):
H A Dclient.py78 if isinstance(url, basestring):
274 if isinstance(url, basestring):
353 :rtype: basestring
486 if not isinstance(src, basestring):
495 if not isinstance(dest, basestring):
634 if isinstance(id_or_doc, basestring):
949 :rtype: basestring
957 :rtype: basestring
966 if isinstance(url, basestring):
1038 or not isinstance(value, basestring)
H A Dhttp.py226 if not isinstance(body, basestring):
236 if isinstance(body, basestring):
H A Djson.py46 :type string: basestring
61 :rtype: basestring
91 if not isinstance(module, basestring):
H A Dmapping.py322 :rtype: basestring
456 if isinstance(value, basestring):
482 if isinstance(value, basestring):
512 if isinstance(value, basestring):
H A Dsix.py42 string_types = basestring,
341 if not isinstance(data, basestring):
H A Dresponse.py12 from .packages.six import string_types as basestring, binary_type, PY3
117 if body and isinstance(body, (basestring, binary_type)):
H A Dutils.py29 basestring)
145 if (name and isinstance(name, basestring) and name[0] != '<' and
H A Dcompat.py47 basestring = basestring variable
61 basestring = (str, bytes) variable
H A Dmodels.py33 is_py2, chardet, builtin_str, basestring)
90 if isinstance(vs, basestring) or not hasattr(vs, '__iter__'):
112 elif isinstance(data, basestring):
120 if isinstance(val, basestring) or not hasattr(val, '__iter__'):
426 not isinstance(data, (basestring, list, tuple, dict))
451 if isinstance(data, basestring) or hasattr(data, 'read'):
H A Dadapters.py19 from .compat import urlparse, basestring
200 if not isinstance(cert, basestring):
H A Dargparse.py106 basestring
108 basestring = str variable
1985 isinstance(action.default, basestring) and
2232 if isinstance(value, basestring):

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