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1# The membase engine
3This is the membase engine.  Initially, somewhat jokingly, it was
4called the "eventually persistent" engine.  The name stuck, we think
5mostly because it's easy to say.
7## Building
9You will need a storage-engine capable memcached and its included
12The easiest way to do this if you don't want to install memcached from
13source would be to just create a source tree and reference it.
15### Building Memcached
17For example, assume you keep all of your projects in `~/prog/`, you
18can do this:
20    cd ~/prog
21    git clone -b engine git://
22    cd memcached
23    git checkout engine
24    ./config/
25    ./configure
26    make
28### Building the Eventually Persistent Engine
30    cd ~/prog
31    git clone
32    cd ep-engine
33    ./config/
34    ./configure --with-memcached=$HOME/prog/memcached
35    make
37## Running
39An example invocation using the ep engine from your dev tree and
40keeping the database in `/tmp/ep.db` looks like this:
42    ~/prog/memcached/memcached -v -E ~/prog/ep-engine/.libs/ \
43        -e dbname=/tmp/ep.db