1Couchbase Server Community Edition 2.2.0
3This is a self-contained installation of Couchbase Server.
4  * To start the server, simply launch the application.
5  * Click the Couchbase icon in the menu bar to access menu commands.
6  * To stop the server, choose "Quit Couchbase Server" from the menu.
8This application may be run from any location on any writeable volume.
9You may choose to move it to /Applications, but this is not required.
11  * Do not move the application while it's running.
12  * After installing the command-line tools (via the item in the menu),
13    moving the app will break the symbolic links that were created in
14    /usr/local/bin (or wherever you installed the tools into.)
16Before you start the server for the first time, please do make sure you
17have erased any previous (1.8) Membase/Couchbase settings by deleting
18"~/Library/Application Support/Couchbase" and
19"~/Library/Application Support/Membase".