17d5fa510STrond Norbye{
27d5fa510STrond Norbye    "params": {
336052b33STrond Norbye        "allow_data_loss_during_shutdown": {
436052b33STrond Norbye            "default": "false",
536052b33STrond Norbye            "dynamic": false,
636052b33STrond Norbye            "type": "bool"
736052b33STrond Norbye        },
842ff2869STrond Norbye        "alog_block_size": {
942ff2869STrond Norbye            "default": "4096",
1042ff2869STrond Norbye            "descr": "Logging block size.",
1142ff2869STrond Norbye            "dynamic": false,
1242ff2869STrond Norbye            "type": "size_t"
1342ff2869STrond Norbye        },
1442ff2869STrond Norbye        "alog_path": {
1542ff2869STrond Norbye            "default": "",
1642ff2869STrond Norbye            "descr": "Path to the access log.",
1742ff2869STrond Norbye            "dynamic": false,
1842ff2869STrond Norbye            "type": "std::string"
1942ff2869STrond Norbye        },
20118e7bedSabhinavdangeti        "access_scanner_enabled": {
21118e7bedSabhinavdangeti            "default": "true",
22118e7bedSabhinavdangeti            "descr": "True if access scanner task is enabled",
23118e7bedSabhinavdangeti            "type": "bool"
24118e7bedSabhinavdangeti        },
2542ff2869STrond Norbye        "alog_sleep_time": {
26b0c49eeaSLiang Guo            "default": "1440",
2742ff2869STrond Norbye            "descr": "Number of minutes between each sweep for the access log",
28b0c49eeaSLiang Guo            "type": "size_t",
29b0c49eeaSLiang Guo            "validator": {
30b0c49eeaSLiang Guo                "range": {
31b0c49eeaSLiang Guo                    "max": 4320,
32b0c49eeaSLiang Guo                    "min": 1
33b0c49eeaSLiang Guo                }
34b0c49eeaSLiang Guo            }
3542ff2869STrond Norbye        },
36ccaa609dSLiang Guo        "alog_task_time": {
3764b4818fSMike Wiederhold            "default": "10",
38ccaa609dSLiang Guo            "descr": "Hour in GMT time when access scanner task is scheduled to run",
39ccaa609dSLiang Guo            "type": "size_t",
40ccaa609dSLiang Guo            "validator": {
41ccaa609dSLiang Guo                "range": {
4264b4818fSMike Wiederhold                    "max": 23,
43ccaa609dSLiang Guo                    "min": 0
44ccaa609dSLiang Guo                }
45ccaa609dSLiang Guo            }
46ccaa609dSLiang Guo        },
477d5fa510STrond Norbye        "backend": {
48d34de537SMike Wiederhold            "default": "couchdb",
497d5fa510STrond Norbye            "dynamic": false,
501cf7ac19SDustin Sallings            "type": "std::string",
511cf7ac19SDustin Sallings            "validator": {
521cf7ac19SDustin Sallings                "enum": [
53d34de537SMike Wiederhold                    "couchdb"
541cf7ac19SDustin Sallings                ]
551cf7ac19SDustin Sallings            }
567d5fa510STrond Norbye        },
571964c235Sabhinavdangeti        "backfill_mem_threshold": {
58b398f0bfSabhinavdangeti            "default": "96",
591964c235Sabhinavdangeti            "desr": "Percentage of memory that backfill task is allowed to consume",
601964c235Sabhinavdangeti            "type": "size_t",
611964c235Sabhinavdangeti            "validator": {
621964c235Sabhinavdangeti                "range": {
631964c235Sabhinavdangeti                    "max": 100,
641964c235Sabhinavdangeti                    "min": 0
651964c235Sabhinavdangeti                }
661964c235Sabhinavdangeti            }
671964c235Sabhinavdangeti        },
6893756e33STrond Norbye        "bg_fetch_delay": {
6993756e33STrond Norbye            "default": "0",
7093756e33STrond Norbye            "type": "size_t",
7193756e33STrond Norbye            "validator": {
7293756e33STrond Norbye                "range": {
7393756e33STrond Norbye                    "max": 900,
7493756e33STrond Norbye                    "min": 0
7593756e33STrond Norbye                }
7693756e33STrond Norbye            }
7793756e33STrond Norbye        },
78c1015f71Sabhinavdangeti        "compaction_exp_mem_threshold": {
79c1015f71Sabhinavdangeti            "default": "85",
80c1015f71Sabhinavdangeti            "desr": "Memory usage threshold after which compaction will not queue expired items for deletion",
81c1015f71Sabhinavdangeti            "type": "size_t",
82c1015f71Sabhinavdangeti            "validator": {
83c1015f71Sabhinavdangeti                "range": {
84c1015f71Sabhinavdangeti                    "max": 100,
85c1015f71Sabhinavdangeti                    "min": 0
86c1015f71Sabhinavdangeti                }
87c1015f71Sabhinavdangeti            }
88c1015f71Sabhinavdangeti        },
897d5fa510STrond Norbye        "chk_max_items": {
90180487beSChiyoung Seo            "default": "500",
917d5fa510STrond Norbye            "type": "size_t"
927d5fa510STrond Norbye        },
93b7b304a3SDustin Sallings        "chk_period": {
94180487beSChiyoung Seo            "default": "5",
95b7b304a3SDustin Sallings            "type": "size_t"
96b7b304a3SDustin Sallings        },
977d5fa510STrond Norbye        "chk_remover_stime": {
987d5fa510STrond Norbye            "default": "5",
997d5fa510STrond Norbye            "type": "size_t"
1007d5fa510STrond Norbye        },
101e59abd35Sabhinavdangeti        "compaction_write_queue_cap": {
102e59abd35Sabhinavdangeti            "default": "10000",
103e59abd35Sabhinavdangeti            "desr" : "Disk write queue threshold after which compaction tasks will be made to snooze, if there are already pending compaction tasks",
104e59abd35Sabhinavdangeti            "type" : "size_t"
105e59abd35Sabhinavdangeti        },
1067d5fa510STrond Norbye        "config_file": {
1077d5fa510STrond Norbye            "default": "",
1087d5fa510STrond Norbye            "dynamic": false,
1097d5fa510STrond Norbye            "type": "std::string"
1107d5fa510STrond Norbye        },
111d43a1deeSMike Wiederhold        "conflict_resolution_type": {
112d43a1deeSMike Wiederhold            "default": "seqno",
113d43a1deeSMike Wiederhold            "dynamic": false,
114d43a1deeSMike Wiederhold            "type": "std::string",
115d43a1deeSMike Wiederhold            "validator": {
116d43a1deeSMike Wiederhold                "enum": [
117d43a1deeSMike Wiederhold                    "seqno"
118d43a1deeSMike Wiederhold                ]
119d43a1deeSMike Wiederhold            }
120d43a1deeSMike Wiederhold        },
1217d5fa510STrond Norbye        "couch_bucket": {
1227d5fa510STrond Norbye            "default": "default",
1237d5fa510STrond Norbye            "dynamic": false,
1247d5fa510STrond Norbye            "type": "std::string"
1257d5fa510STrond Norbye        },
126096869adSJin Lim        "data_traffic_enabled": {
127096869adSJin Lim            "default": "true",
128096869adSJin Lim            "descr": "True if we want to enable data traffic after warmup is complete",
129096869adSJin Lim            "type": "bool"
130096869adSJin Lim        },
1317d5fa510STrond Norbye        "dbname": {
132793a3c8fSMike Wiederhold            "default": "/tmp/test",
1337d5fa510STrond Norbye            "descr": "Path to on-disk storage.",
1347d5fa510STrond Norbye            "dynamic": false,
1357d5fa510STrond Norbye            "type": "std::string"
1367d5fa510STrond Norbye        },
137a68c6dcbSChiyoung Seo        "enable_chk_merge": {
138a68c6dcbSChiyoung Seo            "default": "false",
139a68c6dcbSChiyoung Seo            "descr": "True if merging closed checkpoints is enabled",
140a68c6dcbSChiyoung Seo            "type": "bool"
141a68c6dcbSChiyoung Seo        },
1427d5fa510STrond Norbye        "exp_pager_stime": {
1437d5fa510STrond Norbye            "default": "3600",
1447d5fa510STrond Norbye            "type": "size_t"
1457d5fa510STrond Norbye        },
1467d5fa510STrond Norbye        "failpartialwarmup": {
1477d5fa510STrond Norbye            "default": "true",
1487d5fa510STrond Norbye            "type": "bool"
1497d5fa510STrond Norbye        },
150d9d123f4SJunyi Xie        "flushall_enabled": {
151d9d123f4SJunyi Xie            "default": "false",
152d9d123f4SJunyi Xie            "descr": "True if memcached flush API is enabled",
153d9d123f4SJunyi Xie            "type": "bool"
154d9d123f4SJunyi Xie        },
1557d5fa510STrond Norbye        "getl_default_timeout": {
1567d5fa510STrond Norbye            "default": "15",
15793756e33STrond Norbye            "descr": "The default timeout for a getl lock in (s)",
15893756e33STrond Norbye            "type": "size_t"
1597d5fa510STrond Norbye        },
1607d5fa510STrond Norbye        "getl_max_timeout": {
1617d5fa510STrond Norbye            "default": "30",
16293756e33STrond Norbye            "descr": "The maximum timeout for a getl lock in (s)",
16393756e33STrond Norbye            "type": "size_t"
1647d5fa510STrond Norbye        },
1657d5fa510STrond Norbye        "ht_locks": {
1667d5fa510STrond Norbye            "default": "0",
1677d5fa510STrond Norbye            "type": "size_t"
1687d5fa510STrond Norbye        },
1697d5fa510STrond Norbye        "ht_size": {
1707d5fa510STrond Norbye            "default": "0",
1717d5fa510STrond Norbye            "type": "size_t"
1727d5fa510STrond Norbye        },
173b7b304a3SDustin Sallings        "initfile": {
174b7b304a3SDustin Sallings            "default": "",
1756a14264bSJin Lim            "type": "std::string"
176b7b304a3SDustin Sallings        },
1779a8679e2SChiyoung Seo        "item_eviction_policy": {
1789a8679e2SChiyoung Seo            "default": "value_only",
1799a8679e2SChiyoung Seo            "descr": "Item eviction policy on cache, which is used by the item pager",
1809a8679e2SChiyoung Seo            "type": "std::string",
1819a8679e2SChiyoung Seo            "validator": {
1829a8679e2SChiyoung Seo                "enum": [
1839a8679e2SChiyoung Seo                    "value_only",
1849a8679e2SChiyoung Seo                    "full_eviction"
1859a8679e2SChiyoung Seo                ]
1869a8679e2SChiyoung Seo            }
1879a8679e2SChiyoung Seo        },
18818ae8cebSChiyoung Seo        "item_num_based_new_chk": {
1899437e84aSChiyoung Seo            "default": "true",
19018ae8cebSChiyoung Seo            "descr": "True if the number of items in the current checkpoint plays a role in a new checkpoint creation",
19118ae8cebSChiyoung Seo            "type": "bool"
19218ae8cebSChiyoung Seo        },
19346d10cc0SChiyoung Seo        "keep_closed_chks": {
19446d10cc0SChiyoung Seo            "default": "false",
19546d10cc0SChiyoung Seo            "descr": "True if we want to keep the closed checkpoints for each vbucket unless the memory usage is above high water mark",
19646d10cc0SChiyoung Seo            "type": "bool"
19746d10cc0SChiyoung Seo        },
198b7b304a3SDustin Sallings        "max_checkpoints": {
199b7b304a3SDustin Sallings            "default": "2",
200b7b304a3SDustin Sallings            "type": "size_t"
201b7b304a3SDustin Sallings        },
2026e05f402SMike Wiederhold        "max_failover_entries": {
2036e05f402SMike Wiederhold            "default": "25",
2046e05f402SMike Wiederhold            "descr": "maximum number of failover log entries",
2056e05f402SMike Wiederhold            "type": "size_t"
2066e05f402SMike Wiederhold        },
2077d5fa510STrond Norbye        "max_item_size": {
2087d5fa510STrond Norbye            "default": "(20 * 1024 * 1024)",
209c126f45aSTrond Norbye            "descr": "Maximum number of bytes allowed for an item",
2107d5fa510STrond Norbye            "type": "size_t"
2117d5fa510STrond Norbye        },
2127d5fa510STrond Norbye        "max_size": {
2137d5fa510STrond Norbye            "default": "0",
2147d5fa510STrond Norbye            "type": "size_t"
2157d5fa510STrond Norbye        },
2167d5fa510STrond Norbye        "max_vbuckets": {
2177d5fa510STrond Norbye            "default": "1024",
21832ce07fdSTrond Norbye            "descr": "Maximum number of vbuckets expected",
21932ce07fdSTrond Norbye            "dynamic": false,
2207d5fa510STrond Norbye            "type": "size_t"
2217d5fa510STrond Norbye        },
22209ef472aSSundar Sridharan        "max_threads": {
22309ef472aSSundar Sridharan            "default": "0",
22409ef472aSSundar Sridharan            "descr": "Maximum number of threads in global pool",
2253b9a12eaSSundar Sridharan            "dynamic": false,
2263b9a12eaSSundar Sridharan            "type": "size_t"
2273b9a12eaSSundar Sridharan        },
22839182293Sabhinavdangeti        "max_num_shards": {
229f62649c7Sabhinav dangeti            "default": "4",
23039182293Sabhinavdangeti            "descr": "Maximum number of shards",
23139182293Sabhinavdangeti            "dynamic": false,
23239182293Sabhinavdangeti            "type": "size_t"
23339182293Sabhinavdangeti        },
23492481c3eSJin Lim        "max_num_workers": {
235f20f8837SJin Lim            "default": "4",
2363b9a12eaSSundar Sridharan            "descr": "Bucket Priority relative to other buckets",
237f20f8837SJin Lim            "dynamic": false,
238f20f8837SJin Lim            "type": "size_t",
239f20f8837SJin Lim            "validator": {
240f20f8837SJin Lim                "range": {
241f20f8837SJin Lim                    "max": 8,
242f20f8837SJin Lim                    "min": 1
243f20f8837SJin Lim                }
244f20f8837SJin Lim            }
245f20f8837SJin Lim        },
246c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan        "max_num_readers": {
247c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan            "default": "0",
248c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan            "descr": "Throttle max number of reader threads",
249c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan            "dynamic": false,
250c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan            "type": "size_t",
251c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan            "validator": {
252c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan                "range": {
253c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan                    "max": 512,
254c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan                    "min": 0
255c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan                }
256c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan            }
257c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan        },
258c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan        "max_num_writers": {
259c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan            "default": "0",
260c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan            "descr": "Throttle max number of writer threads",
261c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan            "dynamic": false,
262c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan            "type": "size_t",
263c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan            "validator": {
264c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan                "range": {
265c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan                    "max": 512,
266c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan                    "min": 0
267c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan                }
268c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan            }
269c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan        },
270c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan        "max_num_auxio": {
271c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan            "default": "0",
272c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan            "descr": "Throttle max number of aux io threads",
273c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan            "dynamic": false,
274c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan            "type": "size_t",
275c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan            "validator": {
276c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan                "range": {
277c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan                    "max": 512,
278c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan                    "min": 0
279c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan                }
280c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan            }
281c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan        },
282c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan        "max_num_nonio": {
283c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan            "default": "0",
284c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan            "descr": "Throttle max number of non io threads",
285c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan            "dynamic": false,
286c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan            "type": "size_t",
287c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan            "validator": {
288c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan                "range": {
289c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan                    "max": 512,
290c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan                    "min": 0
291c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan                }
292c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan            }
293c29bbd99SSundar Sridharan        },
2947d5fa510STrond Norbye        "mem_high_wat": {
29503233870STrond Norbye            "default": "max",
2967d5fa510STrond Norbye            "type": "size_t"
2977d5fa510STrond Norbye        },
2987d5fa510STrond Norbye        "mem_low_wat": {
29903233870STrond Norbye            "default": "max",
3007d5fa510STrond Norbye            "type": "size_t"
3017d5fa510STrond Norbye        },
3027d5fa510STrond Norbye        "mutation_mem_threshold": {
303b398f0bfSabhinavdangeti            "default": "93",
3041964c235Sabhinavdangeti            "desr": "Percentage of memory that can be used before mutations return tmpOOMs",
3051964c235Sabhinavdangeti            "type": "size_t",
3061964c235Sabhinavdangeti            "validator" : {
3071964c235Sabhinavdangeti                "range" : {
3081964c235Sabhinavdangeti                    "max": 100,
3091964c235Sabhinavdangeti                    "min": 0
3101964c235Sabhinavdangeti                }
3111964c235Sabhinavdangeti            }
3127d5fa510STrond Norbye        },
31375f421f6SLiang Guo        "pager_active_vb_pcnt": {
3146424600aSLiang Guo            "default": "40",
3151964c235Sabhinavdangeti            "descr": "Active vbuckets paging percentage",
3166424600aSLiang Guo            "type": "size_t",
3176424600aSLiang Guo            "validator": {
3186424600aSLiang Guo                "range": {
3196424600aSLiang Guo                    "max": 50,
3206424600aSLiang Guo                    "min": 0
3216424600aSLiang Guo                }
3226424600aSLiang Guo            }
3230e182a8bSLiang Guo        },
3247d5fa510STrond Norbye        "postInitfile": {
3257d5fa510STrond Norbye            "default": "",
3266a14264bSJin Lim            "type": "std::string"
3277d5fa510STrond Norbye        },
3287d5fa510STrond Norbye        "tap_ack_grace_period": {
3297d5fa510STrond Norbye            "default": "300",
3307d5fa510STrond Norbye            "type": "size_t"
3317d5fa510STrond Norbye        },
3327d5fa510STrond Norbye        "tap_ack_initial_sequence_number": {
3337d5fa510STrond Norbye            "default": "1",
3347d5fa510STrond Norbye            "type": "size_t"
3357d5fa510STrond Norbye        },
3367d5fa510STrond Norbye        "tap_ack_interval": {
3377d5fa510STrond Norbye            "default": "1000",
3387d5fa510STrond Norbye            "type": "size_t"
3397d5fa510STrond Norbye        },
3407d5fa510STrond Norbye        "tap_ack_window_size": {
3417d5fa510STrond Norbye            "default": "10",
3427d5fa510STrond Norbye            "type": "size_t"
3437d5fa510STrond Norbye        },
3441471282fSTrond Norbye        "tap_backfill_resident": {
3451471282fSTrond Norbye            "default": "0.9",
3461471282fSTrond Norbye            "type": "float"
3471471282fSTrond Norbye        },
3487d5fa510STrond Norbye        "tap_backlog_limit": {
3497d5fa510STrond Norbye            "default": "5000",
3507d5fa510STrond Norbye            "type": "size_t"
3517d5fa510STrond Norbye        },
3527d5fa510STrond Norbye        "tap_backoff_period": {
3537d5fa510STrond Norbye            "default": "5.0",
3547d5fa510STrond Norbye            "type": "float"
3557d5fa510STrond Norbye        },
3567d5fa510STrond Norbye        "tap_bg_max_pending": {
3577d5fa510STrond Norbye            "default": "500",
3587d5fa510STrond Norbye            "type": "size_t"
3597d5fa510STrond Norbye        },
3607d5fa510STrond Norbye        "tap_keepalive": {
3617d5fa510STrond Norbye            "default": "0",
3627d5fa510STrond Norbye            "type": "size_t"
3637d5fa510STrond Norbye        },
3647d5fa510STrond Norbye        "tap_noop_interval": {
3657d5fa510STrond Norbye            "default": "200",
3661471282fSTrond Norbye            "descr": "Number of seconds between a noop is sent on an idle connection",
3677d5fa510STrond Norbye            "type": "size_t"
3687d5fa510STrond Norbye        },
369b7b304a3SDustin Sallings        "tap_requeue_sleep_time": {
370b7b304a3SDustin Sallings            "default": "0.1",
371b7b304a3SDustin Sallings            "type": "float"
37221abdf24STrond Norbye        },
3739a6397a9SLiang Guo        "tap_throttle_cap_pcnt": {
3749a6397a9SLiang Guo            "default": "10",
3759a6397a9SLiang Guo            "descr": "Percentage of total items in write queue at which we throttle tap input",
3769a6397a9SLiang Guo            "type": "size_t",
3779a6397a9SLiang Guo            "validator": {
3789a6397a9SLiang Guo                "range": {
3799a6397a9SLiang Guo                    "max": 100,
3809a6397a9SLiang Guo                    "min": 0
3819a6397a9SLiang Guo                }
3829a6397a9SLiang Guo            }
3839a6397a9SLiang Guo        },
384b7b304a3SDustin Sallings        "tap_throttle_queue_cap": {
385a3b0967fSChiyoung Seo            "default": "-1",
386b7b304a3SDustin Sallings            "descr": "Max size of a write queue to throttle incoming tap input.",
3871deef684SMike Wiederhold            "type": "ssize_t",
388670a9f31SDustin Sallings            "validator": {
389670a9f31SDustin Sallings                "range": {
390b7b304a3SDustin Sallings                    "max": 100000000,
3911deef684SMike Wiederhold                    "min": -1
392670a9f31SDustin Sallings                }
393670a9f31SDustin Sallings            }
394670a9f31SDustin Sallings        },
395b7b304a3SDustin Sallings        "tap_throttle_threshold": {
396b398f0bfSabhinavdangeti            "default": "99",
397b7b304a3SDustin Sallings            "descr": "Percentage of max mem at which we begin NAKing tap input.",
39846d10cc0SChiyoung Seo            "type": "size_t",
39946d10cc0SChiyoung Seo            "validator": {
40046d10cc0SChiyoung Seo                "range": {
401b7b304a3SDustin Sallings                    "max": 100,
40246d10cc0SChiyoung Seo                    "min": 0
40346d10cc0SChiyoung Seo                }
40446d10cc0SChiyoung Seo            }
40546d10cc0SChiyoung Seo        },
4065ed19f11STrond Norbye        "uuid": {
4075ed19f11STrond Norbye            "default": "",
4085ed19f11STrond Norbye            "descr": "The UUID for the bucket",
4095ed19f11STrond Norbye            "dynamic" : false,
4105ed19f11STrond Norbye            "type": "std::string"
4115ed19f11STrond Norbye        },
41212b288d4SSundar Sridharan        "dcp_conn_buffer_size": {
41348a08907SMike Wiederhold            "default": "10485760",
41412b288d4SSundar Sridharan            "descr": "Size in bytes of an dcp consumer connection buffer",
415ffc664dbSMike Wiederhold            "dynamic": false,
416ffc664dbSMike Wiederhold            "type": "size_t"
417ffc664dbSMike Wiederhold        },
41812b288d4SSundar Sridharan        "dcp_enable_flow_control": {
4192beda274SMike Wiederhold            "default": "true",
42012b288d4SSundar Sridharan            "descr": "Whether or not dcp connections should use flow control",
421ffc664dbSMike Wiederhold            "dynamic": false,
422ffc664dbSMike Wiederhold            "type": "bool"
423ffc664dbSMike Wiederhold        },
42412b288d4SSundar Sridharan        "dcp_enable_noop": {
4258677524eSMike Wiederhold            "default": "true",
42612b288d4SSundar Sridharan            "descr": "Whether or not dcp connections should use no-ops",
4278677524eSMike Wiederhold            "dynamic": false,
4288677524eSMike Wiederhold            "type": "bool"
4298677524eSMike Wiederhold        },
43012b288d4SSundar Sridharan        "dcp_noop_interval": {
43162f5f3f8SMike Wiederhold            "default": "180",
43262f5f3f8SMike Wiederhold            "descr": "Number of seconds between a noop",
43362f5f3f8SMike Wiederhold            "type": "size_t"
43462f5f3f8SMike Wiederhold        },
43512b288d4SSundar Sridharan        "dcp_max_unacked_bytes": {
436ffc664dbSMike Wiederhold            "default": "524288",
437ffc664dbSMike Wiederhold            "descr": "Amount of processed bytes before an ack is required",
438ffc664dbSMike Wiederhold            "dynamic": false,
439ffc664dbSMike Wiederhold            "type": "size_t"
440ffc664dbSMike Wiederhold        },
4417d5fa510STrond Norbye        "vb0": {
44246df358fSSundar Sridharan            "default": "false",
4437d5fa510STrond Norbye            "type": "bool"
4447d5fa510STrond Norbye        },
4457d5fa510STrond Norbye        "waitforwarmup": {
44646df358fSSundar Sridharan            "default": "false",
4477d5fa510STrond Norbye            "type": "bool"
4487d5fa510STrond Norbye        },
4497d5fa510STrond Norbye        "warmup": {
4507d5fa510STrond Norbye            "default": "true",
4517d5fa510STrond Norbye            "type": "bool"
45242ff2869STrond Norbye        },
45342ff2869STrond Norbye        "warmup_batch_size": {
45442ff2869STrond Norbye            "default": "1000",
45542ff2869STrond Norbye            "descr": "The size of each batch loaded during warmup.",
45642ff2869STrond Norbye            "dynamic": false,
45742ff2869STrond Norbye            "type": "size_t",
45842ff2869STrond Norbye            "validator": {
45942ff2869STrond Norbye                "range": {
46042ff2869STrond Norbye                    "max": 10000,
46142ff2869STrond Norbye                    "min": 1
46242ff2869STrond Norbye                }
46342ff2869STrond Norbye            }
46442ff2869STrond Norbye        },
46542ff2869STrond Norbye        "warmup_min_memory_threshold": {
46646d05521SJin Lim            "default": "100",
46742ff2869STrond Norbye            "descr": "Percentage of max mem warmed up before we enable traffic.",
46842ff2869STrond Norbye            "type": "size_t",
46942ff2869STrond Norbye            "validator": {
47042ff2869STrond Norbye                "range": {
47142ff2869STrond Norbye                    "max": 100,
47242ff2869STrond Norbye                    "min": 0
47342ff2869STrond Norbye                }
47442ff2869STrond Norbye            }
47542ff2869STrond Norbye        },
47642ff2869STrond Norbye        "warmup_min_items_threshold": {
47746d05521SJin Lim            "default": "100",
47842ff2869STrond Norbye            "descr": "Percentage of total items warmed up before we enable traffic.",
47942ff2869STrond Norbye            "type": "size_t",
48042ff2869STrond Norbye            "validator": {
48142ff2869STrond Norbye                "range": {
48242ff2869STrond Norbye                    "max": 100,
48342ff2869STrond Norbye                    "min": 0
48442ff2869STrond Norbye                }
48542ff2869STrond Norbye            }
4867d5fa510STrond Norbye        }
4877d5fa510STrond Norbye    }
4887d5fa510STrond Norbye}