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1Welcome to the Couchbase _memcached_ project.
3This started as Couchbase's fork of the upstream `memcached` project.
4It has subsequently evolved since then, so while it shares a name with
5the upstream project many other things have changed, apart from the
6name :) For now it's simpler to consider this as the frontend of the
7Couchbase key-value engine.  The primary backend of KV-engine is the
8eventually persistent engine -
11# Architecture
13* [KV-Engine Architecture](docs/
14* [Role Based Access Control](daemon/
15* [CBSASL](cbsasl/
16* [Audit](auditd/
18# Protocols
20* [Greenstack](protocol/Greenstack/
21* [Memcached Binary Protocol](docs/
22    * [SASL](docs/
23    * [TAP](docs/