12a1c8057SChris Hillery# PLEASE NOTE: This Makefile is provided as a convenience for those
22a1c8057SChris Hillery# who do not wish to interact with CMake. It is NOT SUPPORTED by the
32a1c8057SChris Hillery# Couchbase build team, and the production builds do NOT make use of
42a1c8057SChris Hillery# it, so bugs filed against it will need to be handled by those devs
52a1c8057SChris Hillery# who care to use it.
62a1c8057SChris Hillery
72f4eaa60STrond NorbyePREFIX:=$(shell pwd)/install
8cd85c11dSTrond NorbyeMAKEFLAGS=--no-print-directory
92f4eaa60STrond Norbye
1024d44145SChris HilleryPASSTHRU_TARGETS=all analyze clean clean-all clean-xfd clean-xfd-hard \
1124d44145SChris Hillery  e2etest e2eviewtests geocouch-build-for-testing install reset run-mats test
1224d44145SChris Hillery
1324d44145SChris Hillery$(PASSTHRU_TARGETS):
1424d44145SChris Hillery	@$(MAKE) -f Makefile \
1524d44145SChris Hillery            MAKETYPE="Unix Makefiles" \
1624d44145SChris Hillery            PREFIX="$(PREFIX)" CHMODCMD="chmod u+w" CP=cp \
1724d44145SChris Hillery            SEPARATOR=/ RM=rm RMOPTS=-rf $@
182f4eaa60STrond Norbye
19c0941810SChris HilleryICU_OPT=
20c0941810SChris HilleryUNAME := $(shell uname -s)
21c0941810SChris Hilleryifeq ($(UNAME),Darwin)
22c0941810SChris Hillery    # MB-11442
23c0941810SChris Hillery    ICU_OPT=-mmacosx-version-min=10.7
24c0941810SChris Hilleryendif
25c0941810SChris Hillery
262f4eaa60STrond Norbyeicu4c/source/Makefile:
27c0941810SChris Hillery	(cd icu4c/source && \
29c0941810SChris Hillery	  ./configure "--prefix=$(PREFIX)")
302f4eaa60STrond Norbye
312f4eaa60STrond Norbyemake-install-icu4c: icu4c/source/Makefile
322f4eaa60STrond Norbye	$(MAKE) -C icu4c/source install
332f4eaa60STrond Norbye
342f4eaa60STrond Norbyemake-install-couchdb-deps: make-install-icu4c