1c580c273SMurtadha Hubail<div>
245935373SRob Ashcom  <div class="margin-top-1" ng-if="qc.validated.inProgress() && !qc.validated.valid()">
30b143fb7SEben Haber    <p>Contacting analytics node...</p>
40b143fb7SEben Haber  </div>
50b143fb7SEben Haber
645935373SRob Ashcom  <div ng-if="!qc.validated.inProgress() && !qc.validated.valid()" class="margin-top-half">
7b2b64408SMurtadha Hubail    <p>The analytics interface is only available on Couchbase nodes running the analytics service.</p>
80b143fb7SEben Haber    <div ng-if="qc.validNodes.length">
90b143fb7SEben Haber      <span ng-if="qc.validated.otherStatus() == 404">
10104ebfe7SMichael Blow        <p>The analytics service was found on the following nodes:</p>
110b143fb7SEben Haber      </span>
120b143fb7SEben Haber      <span ng-if="qc.validated.otherStatus() != 404">
1399e3d64bSRob Ashcom        <p class="error">Received error {{qc.validated.otherStatus()}} when contacting the
143473cdd6SEben Haber        analytics service on this node. You can try refreshing the browser, or connecting to another node
150b143fb7SEben Haber        (if available).</p>
1645935373SRob Ashcom        <p>The analytics service was found on the following nodes:</p>
170b143fb7SEben Haber      </span>
1845935373SRob Ashcom      <div class="indent-1" ng-repeat="url in qc.validNodes">
1945935373SRob Ashcom        <a href="{{url}}">{{url}}</a>
2045935373SRob Ashcom      </div>
2145935373SRob Ashcom      <div class="row flex-left margin-top-1">
2245935373SRob Ashcom        <p class="text-small fix-width-7">
2345935373SRob Ashcom          <span class="icon fa-warning orange-3"></span>
2445935373SRob Ashcom          Note that the above links are provided as a convenience. They may not work
2545935373SRob Ashcom          if you are accessing the Web Console via a web proxy or if Couchbase Server
2645935373SRob Ashcom          has been deployed in a split horizon DNS environment, with public and
2745935373SRob Ashcom          private hostnames and IPs. In the event the links don't work, log directly into the node.
2845935373SRob Ashcom        </p>
2945935373SRob Ashcom      </div>
300b143fb7SEben Haber    </div>
310b143fb7SEben Haber    <div ng-if="qc.validNodes.length == 0">
323473cdd6SEben Haber      <p class="error">No analytics nodes were found on this cluster.</p>
330b143fb7SEben Haber    </div>
340b143fb7SEben Haber  </div>
350b143fb7SEben Haber
360b143fb7SEben Haber  <div ui-view=""></div>
370b143fb7SEben Haber</div>