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1= Couchbase Command Line Tools
3This package contains the command line tool set that performs the same
4actions to provide the user the same capabilities as the Couchbase
5Server web interface.
7== Prerequisites
9If you have installed the full Couchbase Server, these tools will have
10all prerequisites required to run these tools. If you run these tools
11standalone, you will need:
13* Python 2.6 or greater
14* Command shell such as bash
16== Building the Documentation
18The documentation for this tool set is stored in link:docs[]. The source
19documents, which can be found in link:docs/modules/cli/pages/cbcli[], are
20written in AsciiDoc and used to produce HTML and man page files.
22NOTE: The docs folder structure is deeply nested in order for these documents to be
23incorporated directly into the main documentation for Couchbase Server hosted
26You can use the link:docs/[] script to generate
27standalone HTML and man page versions of these source documents. The list of
28files to convert is maintained in the script itself. When run, the script
29writes the generated documents to the link:docs/generated[generated] folder.
30Under the current workflow, this folder needs to be committed back to the
31repository for other tools to consume.
33The script requires the *asciidoctor* command to be available on
34your machine (which in turn requires Ruby). Installation of this software is
35covered in the next section.
37=== macOS Requirements
39 $ brew install asciidoctor
43Copyright (C) 2018 Couchbase, Inc.