183af9a01SJan Lehnardt; CouchDB Configuration Settings
283af9a01SJan Lehnardt
383af9a01SJan Lehnardt; Custom settings should be made in this file. They will override settings
483af9a01SJan Lehnardt; in default.ini, but unlike changes made to default.ini, this file won't be
583af9a01SJan Lehnardt; overwritten on server upgrade.
683af9a01SJan Lehnardt
7e5b395f0SJan Lehnardt[couchdb]
8e5b395f0SJan Lehnardt;max_document_size = 4294967296 ; bytes
983af9a01SJan Lehnardt
10e5b395f0SJan Lehnardt[httpd]
11e5b395f0SJan Lehnardt;port = 5984
12f7298f32Sharsha;ip4_bind_address =
13f7298f32Sharsha;ip6_bind_address = ::1
14ac02c7bdSFilipe David Borba Manana; Options for the MochiWeb HTTP server.
15ac02c7bdSFilipe David Borba Manana;server_options = [{backlog, 128}, {acceptor_pool_size, 16}]
16ac02c7bdSFilipe David Borba Manana; For more socket options, consult Erlang's module 'inet' man page.
17ac02c7bdSFilipe David Borba Manana;socket_options = [{recbuf, 262144}, {sndbuf, 262144}, {nodelay, true}]
18ac02c7bdSFilipe David Borba Manana
19cd0e9c9bSJohn Christopher Anderson; Uncomment next line to trigger basic-auth popup on unauthorized requests.
20cd0e9c9bSJohn Christopher Anderson;WWW-Authenticate = Basic realm="administrator"
2183af9a01SJan Lehnardt
2204f3d989SJan Lehnardt; Uncomment next line to set the configuration modification whitelist. Only
2304f3d989SJan Lehnardt; whitelisted values may be changed via the /_config URLs. To allow the admin
2404f3d989SJan Lehnardt; to change this value over HTTP, remember to include {httpd,config_whitelist}
2504f3d989SJan Lehnardt; itself. Excluding it from the list would require editing this file to update
2604f3d989SJan Lehnardt; the whitelist.
2704f3d989SJan Lehnardt;config_whitelist = [{httpd,config_whitelist}, {log,level}, {etc,etc}]
2804f3d989SJan Lehnardt
2911469d90SPaul Joseph Davis[httpd_global_handlers]
3011469d90SPaul Joseph Davis;_google = {couch_httpd_proxy, handle_proxy_req, <<"http://www.google.com">>}
3111469d90SPaul Joseph Davis
32e5b395f0SJan Lehnardt[log]
33ea8e714cSJan Lehnardt;level = debug
3483af9a01SJan Lehnardt
35c8785113SPaul Joseph Davis[os_daemons]
36c8785113SPaul Joseph Davis; For any commands listed here, CouchDB will attempt to ensure that
37c8785113SPaul Joseph Davis; the process remains alive while CouchDB runs as well as shut them
38c8785113SPaul Joseph Davis; down when CouchDB exits.
39c8785113SPaul Joseph Davis;foo = /path/to/command -with args
40c8785113SPaul Joseph Davis
411a08bacbSJan Lehnardt[daemons]
421a08bacbSJan Lehnardt; enable SSL support by uncommenting the following line and supply the PEM's below.
43c9b4d1a5SJan Lehnardt; the default ssl port CouchDB listens on is 6984
441a08bacbSJan Lehnardt; httpsd = {couch_httpd, start_link, [https]}
451a08bacbSJan Lehnardt
464b0948ddSRobert Newson[ssl]
474b0948ddSRobert Newson;cert_file = /full/path/to/server_cert.pem
484b0948ddSRobert Newson;key_file = /full/path/to/server_key.pem
49e4cfd7e0SJan Lehnardt
50e4cfd7e0SJan Lehnardt; To enable Virtual Hosts in CouchDB, add a vhost = path directive. All requests to
51e4cfd7e0SJan Lehnardt; the Virual Host will be redirected to the path. In the example below all requests
52e4cfd7e0SJan Lehnardt; to http://example.com/ are redirected to /database.
53e4cfd7e0SJan Lehnardt; If you run CouchDB on a specific port, include the port number in the vhost:
54e4cfd7e0SJan Lehnardt; example.com:5984 = /database
55e4cfd7e0SJan Lehnardt
56e4cfd7e0SJan Lehnardt[vhosts]
57e4cfd7e0SJan Lehnardt;example.com = /database/
58e4cfd7e0SJan Lehnardt
59e5b395f0SJan Lehnardt[update_notification]
6083af9a01SJan Lehnardt;unique notifier name=/full/path/to/exe -with "cmd line arg"
6146d0e88eSJan Lehnardt
6246d0e88eSJan Lehnardt; To create an admin account uncomment the '[admins]' section below and add a
6346d0e88eSJan Lehnardt; line in the format 'username = password'. When you next start CouchDB, it
64282b96ddSNoah Slater; will change the password to a hash (so that your passwords don't linger
65282b96ddSNoah Slater; around in plain-text files). You can add more admin accounts with more
66282b96ddSNoah Slater; 'username = password' lines. Don't forget to restart CouchDB after
6746d0e88eSJan Lehnardt; changing this.
687b6a320aSJan Lehnardt[admins]
69419ba561SJan Lehnardt;admin = mysecretpassword