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1## Tests for 2i
3# Status
4    Currently, it has framework utilities required for basic functional testcases. The utitilies are - KV data utilities (for SET, GET, DEL of KV), JSON data utilties (to load json from file, to scan json document), 2i API wrappers (Range, Lookup, Create 2i, Drop 2i, List indexes)
6# Todo
7	Need to modify the logic for computing expected scan results from JSON document
9# Usage
10    Tests can be run using "go test" command from /indexing/secondary/tests/functionaltests/ location
12# 2i APIs and helper methods used in tests
13	Create 2i
14	Drop 2i
15	List indexes
16	Range
17	ResponseReader.GetEntries
18	client.NewClient
19	client.NewClusterClient
20	client.Remoteaddr
21	client.Inclusion
22	common.SystemConfig.SectionConfig
23	common.SecondaryKey
24	go-couchbase - Get, Set, Delete
25	n1ql - n1ql.ParseExpression