161837690SDoug MacEachern2010-04-28  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
261837690SDoug MacEachern
361837690SDoug MacEachern	* 1.6.4 release
461837690SDoug MacEachern
561837690SDoug MacEachern	* GPL v2 license -> Apache 2 license
661837690SDoug MacEachern
761837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-188) implement mem actual free/used on Windows
861837690SDoug MacEachern
961837690SDoug MacEachern2010-04-27  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
1061837690SDoug MacEachern
1161837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-215) use swapctl SC_LIST for Solaris swap_get impl
1261837690SDoug MacEachern
1361837690SDoug MacEachern2010-04-15  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
1461837690SDoug MacEachern
1561837690SDoug MacEachern	* osf1 no longer supported
1661837690SDoug MacEachern
1761837690SDoug MacEachern	* netware no longer supported
1861837690SDoug MacEachern
1961837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-201) JNIEnv->ExceptionCheck to avoid possible SEGV on OutOfMemoryError
2061837690SDoug MacEachern
2161837690SDoug MacEachern2010-04-14  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
2261837690SDoug MacEachern
2361837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-192) avoid possible stack corruption in Windows proc_env impl
2461837690SDoug MacEachern
2561837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-213) check ENV.ANT_HOME/lib for junit in Main-Class
2661837690SDoug MacEachern
2761837690SDoug MacEachern2010-04-09  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
2861837690SDoug MacEachern
2961837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-214) properly adjust jni.javahome when JAVA_HOME is not set
3061837690SDoug MacEachern
3161837690SDoug MacEachern2010-04-08  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
3261837690SDoug MacEachern
3361837690SDoug MacEachern	* cpptasks patches moved to http://github.com/dougm/ant-contrib-cpptasks
3461837690SDoug MacEachern
3561837690SDoug MacEachern	* mv tools/PerfBrowser http://github.com/dougm/csharp-perfbrowser
3661837690SDoug MacEachern
3761837690SDoug MacEachern	* mv exp/ http://github.com/dougm/sigar-stuff
3861837690SDoug MacEachern
3961837690SDoug MacEachern2010-04-07  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
4061837690SDoug MacEachern
4161837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-213) remove junit.jar from distribution
4261837690SDoug MacEachern
4361837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-188) implement mem actual free/used on HPUX
4461837690SDoug MacEachern
4561837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-188) implement mem actual free/used on AIX
4661837690SDoug MacEachern
4761837690SDoug MacEachern2010-04-05  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
4861837690SDoug MacEachern
4961837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-188) implement mem actual free/used on OpenBSD and NetBSD
5061837690SDoug MacEachern
5161837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-188) implement mem actual free/used on Solaris
5261837690SDoug MacEachern
5361837690SDoug MacEachern2010-04-02  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
5461837690SDoug MacEachern
5561837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-212) pass LANG_ENGLISH to FormatMessage in Windows sigar_strerror impl
5661837690SDoug MacEachern
5761837690SDoug MacEachern2010-04-01  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
5861837690SDoug MacEachern
5961837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-188) implement mem actual free/used on Windows
6061837690SDoug MacEachern
6161837690SDoug MacEachern2010-04-01  Trevor Pounds  <trevor.pounds@gmail.com>
6261837690SDoug MacEachern
6361837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-202) Change CreateFile() access flags to prevent potential inode calculation
6461837690SDoug MacEachern	errors on Windows when tailing a file.
6561837690SDoug MacEachern
6661837690SDoug MacEachern2010-04-01  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
6761837690SDoug MacEachern
6861837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-207) append instance index in Pdh.getInstances()
6961837690SDoug MacEachern
7061837690SDoug MacEachern2010-03-31  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
7161837690SDoug MacEachern
7261837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-207) Add Pdh.getCounterType method
7361837690SDoug MacEachern
7461837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-207) Add Pdh.getDescription method
7561837690SDoug MacEachern
7661837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-210) recognize cifs as a network file system
7761837690SDoug MacEachern
7861837690SDoug MacEachern2010-03-30  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
7961837690SDoug MacEachern
8061837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-211) HPUX file_system_list needs to read /etc/mnttab instead of /etc/fstab
8161837690SDoug MacEachern
8261837690SDoug MacEachern2010-02-09  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
8361837690SDoug MacEachern
8461837690SDoug MacEachern	* add -i (inode format) support to df command
8561837690SDoug MacEachern
8661837690SDoug MacEachern2010-02-05  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
8761837690SDoug MacEachern
8861837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-205) Vista and higher changed wireless card type to IF_TYPE_IEEE80211
8961837690SDoug MacEachern
9061837690SDoug MacEachern2010-01-18  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
9161837690SDoug MacEachern
9261837690SDoug MacEachern	* rid dup in solaris route_list impl
9361837690SDoug MacEachern
9461837690SDoug MacEachern2010-01-17  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
9561837690SDoug MacEachern
9661837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-181) fill-in sigar_net_route_t.ifname on HPUX
9761837690SDoug MacEachern
9861837690SDoug MacEachern2010-01-12  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
9961837690SDoug MacEachern
10061837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-196) use pst_processor.psp_cpu_frequency to calculate cpu_info.mhz on HP-UX 11.31+
10161837690SDoug MacEachern
10261837690SDoug MacEachern2010-01-04  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
10361837690SDoug MacEachern
10461837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-194) sigar_file_system_t.dev_name on Windows should be the network path for remote drives
10561837690SDoug MacEachern
10661837690SDoug MacEachern2009-12-23  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
10761837690SDoug MacEachern
10861837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-193) Migrate from mach/shared_memory_server.h to mach/shared_region.h on Darwin
10961837690SDoug MacEachern
11061837690SDoug MacEachern2009-11-09  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
11161837690SDoug MacEachern
11261837690SDoug MacEachern	* only display event code in toString as the Event Viewer does
11361837690SDoug MacEachern
11461837690SDoug MacEachern	* 'N/A' for null user in EventLogRecord.toString
11561837690SDoug MacEachern
11661837690SDoug MacEachern	* include the same fields as Event Viewer in EventLogRecord.toString
11761837690SDoug MacEachern
11861837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-191) fix EventLogRecord.computerName
11961837690SDoug MacEachern
12061837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-190) add category to EventLogRecord
12161837690SDoug MacEachern
12261837690SDoug MacEachern2009-11-05  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
12361837690SDoug MacEachern
12461837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-189) ignore CP_WAIT time on HPUX
12561837690SDoug MacEachern
12661837690SDoug MacEachern2009-11-03  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
12761837690SDoug MacEachern
12861837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-187) implement proc_exe on AIX
12961837690SDoug MacEachern
13061837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-188) implement mem actual free/used on MacOSX
13161837690SDoug MacEachern
13261837690SDoug MacEachern2009-11-02  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
13361837690SDoug MacEachern
13461837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-188) implement mem actual free/used on FreeBSD
13561837690SDoug MacEachern
13661837690SDoug MacEachern2009-10-23  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
13761837690SDoug MacEachern
13861837690SDoug MacEachern	* Pdh test adjustments for windows 2000
13961837690SDoug MacEachern
14061837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-185) fix RegistryKey open on windows 2000
14161837690SDoug MacEachern
14261837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-186) fix Win32.getFileVersion on windows 2000
14361837690SDoug MacEachern
14461837690SDoug MacEachern2009-09-30  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
14561837690SDoug MacEachern
14661837690SDoug MacEachern	* hpux pa 64-bit support
14761837690SDoug MacEachern
14861837690SDoug MacEachern2009-09-17  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
14961837690SDoug MacEachern
15061837690SDoug MacEachern	* 64-bit MacOSX 10.6 sdk does not support ppc64, switch from universal build to i386 only
15161837690SDoug MacEachern
15261837690SDoug MacEachern2009-09-15  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
15361837690SDoug MacEachern
15461837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-181) net_route.ifname impl for Win32
15561837690SDoug MacEachern
15661837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-181) net_route.ifname impl for MacOSX and *BSD
15761837690SDoug MacEachern
15861837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-182) use mib2_ip_t.ipRouteEntrySize to determine mib2_ipRouteEntry_t size
15961837690SDoug MacEachern
16061837690SDoug MacEachern2009-09-08  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
16161837690SDoug MacEachern
16261837690SDoug MacEachern	* fix MacOSX10.6.sdk build issues
16361837690SDoug MacEachern
16461837690SDoug MacEachern2009-09-01  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
16561837690SDoug MacEachern
16661837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-168) always fallback to wmi when peb fails for proc_args
16761837690SDoug MacEachern
16861837690SDoug MacEachern2009-08-30  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
16961837690SDoug MacEachern
17061837690SDoug MacEachern	* 6.1 == Windows 7
17161837690SDoug MacEachern
17261837690SDoug MacEachern	* 10.6 == Snow Leopard
17361837690SDoug MacEachern
17461837690SDoug MacEachern2009-08-23  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
17561837690SDoug MacEachern
17661837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-179) Increase buffer size in cpu_list query from 16 to 128
17761837690SDoug MacEachern
17861837690SDoug MacEachern2009-08-11  Jan Kneschke  <jan@kneschke.de>
17961837690SDoug MacEachern
18061837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-137) sdl_data isn't 0-terminated
18161837690SDoug MacEachern
18261837690SDoug MacEachern2009-08-05  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
18361837690SDoug MacEachern
18461837690SDoug MacEachern	* try wmi if peb fails for proc_exe
18561837690SDoug MacEachern
18661837690SDoug MacEachern	* add wmi proc_args wrapper
18761837690SDoug MacEachern
18861837690SDoug MacEachern2009-07-31  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
18961837690SDoug MacEachern
19061837690SDoug MacEachern	* only exclude nfs/rpcv2.h on FreeBSD 8+
19161837690SDoug MacEachern
19261837690SDoug MacEachern2009-07-30  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
19361837690SDoug MacEachern
19461837690SDoug MacEachern	* net_route_list bandaid for FreeBSD 8.0
19561837690SDoug MacEachern
19661837690SDoug MacEachern	* sigar_proc_port_get does not compile on FreeBSD 8.0
19761837690SDoug MacEachern
19861837690SDoug MacEachern	* only need nfs/rpcv2.h on darwin
19961837690SDoug MacEachern
20061837690SDoug MacEachern2009-07-18  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
20161837690SDoug MacEachern
20261837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-164) return ENXIO instead of ENOENT in disk_usage win32 impl
20361837690SDoug MacEachern
20461837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-164) return ENXIO instead of ENOENT in disk_usage linux impl
20561837690SDoug MacEachern
20661837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-164) return ENXIO instead of ENOENT in disk_usage aix impl
20761837690SDoug MacEachern
20861837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-164) return ENXIO instead of ESRCH in disk_usage darwin impl
20961837690SDoug MacEachern
21061837690SDoug MacEachern2009-07-17  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
21161837690SDoug MacEachern
21261837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-163) Recognize cvfs (StorNext) as local filesystem type
21361837690SDoug MacEachern
21461837690SDoug MacEachern2009-07-16  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
21561837690SDoug MacEachern
21661837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-162) plug possible memory leak in sigar_iodev_get util
21761837690SDoug MacEachern
21861837690SDoug MacEachern2009-07-14  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
21961837690SDoug MacEachern
22061837690SDoug MacEachern	* remove pdh.dll (only used on NT 4.0)
22161837690SDoug MacEachern
22261837690SDoug MacEachern2009-07-13  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
22361837690SDoug MacEachern
22461837690SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-155) Plug memory leak sigar_proc_exe_get Darwin impl
22561837690SDoug MacEachern
22661837690SDoug MacEachern	* bump version to 1.6.4
22761837690SDoug MacEachern
2289326fe4aSDoug MacEachern2008-07-13  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
2299326fe4aSDoug MacEachern
2309326fe4aSDoug MacEachern	* 1.6.3 release
2319326fe4aSDoug MacEachern
23280016c67SDoug MacEachern2009-07-08  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
23380016c67SDoug MacEachern
23480016c67SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-130) Use pstat(PSTAT_GETCOMMANDLINE,...) on HP-UX < 11iv2
23580016c67SDoug MacEachern
23680016c67SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-130) Use pstat_getcommandline on HP-UX 11iv2+
23780016c67SDoug MacEachern
23880016c67SDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-131) switch to pst_fileinfo2 on all HPUX flavors
23980016c67SDoug MacEachern
2409326fe4aSDoug MacEachern2009-07-08  Jon Travis  <jtravis@p00p.org>
2419326fe4aSDoug MacEachern
2429326fe4aSDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-150) Wrapper class to synchronize Sigar method invocation
2439326fe4aSDoug MacEachern
2449326fe4aSDoug MacEachern2009-07-07  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
2459326fe4aSDoug MacEachern
2469326fe4aSDoug MacEachern	* add getNetServicesName to SigarProxy interface
2479326fe4aSDoug MacEachern
2489326fe4aSDoug MacEachern2009-07-02  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
2499326fe4aSDoug MacEachern
2509326fe4aSDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-145) default to 'Irix mode' for proc_cpu.percent
2519326fe4aSDoug MacEachern
2529326fe4aSDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-144) Solaris net_interface_stat should use 64-bit kstats
2539326fe4aSDoug MacEachern
2549326fe4aSDoug MacEachern2009-07-01  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
2559326fe4aSDoug MacEachern
2569326fe4aSDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-148) statfs usage compiled with LFS flags
2579326fe4aSDoug MacEachern
2589326fe4aSDoug MacEachern2009-06-30  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
2599326fe4aSDoug MacEachern
2609326fe4aSDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-152) Add support for 31-bit s390 builds
2619326fe4aSDoug MacEachern
2629326fe4aSDoug MacEachern2009-06-17  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
2639326fe4aSDoug MacEachern
2649326fe4aSDoug MacEachern	* darwin sigar_dlinfo_modules impl
2659326fe4aSDoug MacEachern
2669326fe4aSDoug MacEachern2009-06-06  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
2679326fe4aSDoug MacEachern
2689326fe4aSDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-151) Add Modules support to PTQL
2699326fe4aSDoug MacEachern
2709326fe4aSDoug MacEachern2009-06-01  Kay Röpke  <kroepke@classdump.local>
2719326fe4aSDoug MacEachern
2729326fe4aSDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-149) fix Darwin side of SIGAR-47: integer multlipcation overflow on
2739326fe4aSDoug MacEachern	32bit builds with more than 4GB available memory
2749326fe4aSDoug MacEachern
2759326fe4aSDoug MacEachern2009-05-24  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
2769326fe4aSDoug MacEachern
2779326fe4aSDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-142) loosen net_interface_list filters on MacOSX
2789326fe4aSDoug MacEachern
2799326fe4aSDoug MacEachern2009-05-15  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
2809326fe4aSDoug MacEachern
2819326fe4aSDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-150) make SigarProxyCached.invoke synchronized
2829326fe4aSDoug MacEachern
2839326fe4aSDoug MacEachern2009-05-13  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
2849326fe4aSDoug MacEachern
2859326fe4aSDoug MacEachern	* fix so SigarPermissionDeniedException is throw on open /dev/kmem EACCES
2869326fe4aSDoug MacEachern
2879326fe4aSDoug MacEachern	* add 64-bit compile/link flags for AIX
2889326fe4aSDoug MacEachern
2899326fe4aSDoug MacEachern	* require libperfstat on aix
2909326fe4aSDoug MacEachern
2919326fe4aSDoug MacEachern2009-04-25  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
2929326fe4aSDoug MacEachern
2939326fe4aSDoug MacEachern	* getrusage on NetBSD may not return monotonically increasing
2949326fe4aSDoug MacEachern	values for CPU time.
2959326fe4aSDoug MacEachern
2969326fe4aSDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-39) Use kern.cp_times in cpu_list on FreeBSD 7.x+
2979326fe4aSDoug MacEachern
2989326fe4aSDoug MacEachern2009-03-27  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
2999326fe4aSDoug MacEachern
3009326fe4aSDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-141) sigar.jar location is not required to find native library
3019326fe4aSDoug MacEachern
3029326fe4aSDoug MacEachern2009-03-25  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
3039326fe4aSDoug MacEachern
3049326fe4aSDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-140) interface aliases are valid in sigar_net_interface_config_primary_get
3059326fe4aSDoug MacEachern
306b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern2008-02-13  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
307b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern
308b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern	* 1.6.2 release
309b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern
310b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern2009-02-12  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
311b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern
312b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-134) use UNICODE in EventLog wrapper
313b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern
314b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern2009-02-10  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
315b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern
316b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-73) check for 'ocfs' in addition to 'ocfs2'
317b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern
318b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern2009-02-08  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
319b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern
320b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern	* (SIGAR-138) Recognize zfs as local filesystem type
321b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern
322b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern2009-02-06  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
323b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern
324b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern	* fix osx version on 64-bit platforms
325b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern
326b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern	* [SIGAR-133] use InputStream.skip (bytes) instead of Reader.skip (chars) in onChange
327b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern
328b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern	* [SIGAR-132] Fix possible memory leak in sigar_rpc_ping
329b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern
330b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern	* [SIGAR-129] fix possible integer overflow in time_now_millis
331b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern
332b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern	* [SIGAR-129] add another sanity check
333b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern
334b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern	* [SIGAR-129] prevent possible wrapping
335b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern
336b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern	* [SIGAR-129] prevent possible integer overflow
337b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern
338b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern	* [SIGAR-127] use KERN_ARGMAX for KERN_PROCARGS2 buffer size
339b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern
340b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern	* [SIGAR-126] /dev/kmem not usable in aix 6
341b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern
342b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern	* rid "warning: cast from pointer to integer of different size" on 64-bit builds
343b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern
344b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern	* [SIGAR-125] bring back /private/var/vm swap impl for osx 10.3
345b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern
346b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern	* [SIGAR-123] do not include global shared text+data region size
347b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern
348b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern	* [SIGAR-122] ARG_MAX undefined on glibc 2.8
349b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern
350b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern2008-09-13  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
351b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern
352b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern	* include ptql and log in dist headers
353b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern
354b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern	* dont include ant and mx4j jars in dist
355b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern
356b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern	* add cpu_perc typemap to bindings/perl
357b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern
358b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern2008-09-11  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
359b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern
360b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern	* [SIGAR-120] Support WoW registry reflection
361b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern
362b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern2008-09-08  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
363b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern
364b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern	* [SIGAR-119] Use 64-bit performance counter for uptime
365b8d4a04dSDoug MacEachern
36619d18c7eSDoug MacEachern2008-09-06  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
36719d18c7eSDoug MacEachern
36819d18c7eSDoug MacEachern        * 1.6 released, change summary:
36919d18c7eSDoug MacEachern
37019d18c7eSDoug MacEachern        * OpenBSD support (binaries not included)
37119d18c7eSDoug MacEachern
37219d18c7eSDoug MacEachern        * NetBSD support (binaries not included)
37319d18c7eSDoug MacEachern
37419d18c7eSDoug MacEachern        * CPU list functions now return entry per-core rather than
37519d18c7eSDoug MacEachern          per-socket rollup
37619d18c7eSDoug MacEachern
37719d18c7eSDoug MacEachern        * Added CPU irq, softirq and stolen metrics
37819d18c7eSDoug MacEachern
37919d18c7eSDoug MacEachern        * PTQL enhancements for Windows Services
38019d18c7eSDoug MacEachern
38119d18c7eSDoug MacEachern        * Added interface to Windows GetFileVersionInfo function
38219d18c7eSDoug MacEachern
38319d18c7eSDoug MacEachern        * Bug fixes: http://jira.hyperic.com/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa?requestId=10710
38419d18c7eSDoug MacEachern
3851791f0ecSDoug MacEachern2008-02-01  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
3861791f0ecSDoug MacEachern
3871791f0ecSDoug MacEachern        * 1.5 released, change summary:
3881791f0ecSDoug MacEachern
3891791f0ecSDoug MacEachern        * PTQL impl ported from Java to C
3901791f0ecSDoug MacEachern
3911791f0ecSDoug MacEachern        * Added api for TCP-MIB metrics
3921791f0ecSDoug MacEachern
3931791f0ecSDoug MacEachern        * Added api for NFS client+server metrics
3941791f0ecSDoug MacEachern
3951791f0ecSDoug MacEachern        * Started bindings for Ruby, Python and PHP
3961791f0ecSDoug MacEachern
3971791f0ecSDoug MacEachern        * Bug fixes: http://jira.hyperic.com/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa?requestId=10500
3981791f0ecSDoug MacEachern        
399203bab3aSDoug MacEachern2007-04-14  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
400203bab3aSDoug MacEachern
401203bab3aSDoug MacEachern        * 1.4 released
402203bab3aSDoug MacEachern
4031e922146SDoug MacEachern2007-04-06  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
4041e922146SDoug MacEachern
4051e922146SDoug MacEachern        * [SIGAR-47] Fix sigar_mem_get on 64-bit FreeBSD
4061e922146SDoug MacEachern
407e3edf380SDoug MacEachern2007-04-05  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
408e3edf380SDoug MacEachern
409f6f395d6SDoug MacEachern        * Add net_listen_address function to lookup bind address of a listen socket
410f6f395d6SDoug MacEachern
41186deb1a2SDoug MacEachern        * Add net_stat_port function to provide metrics on specific port+address
41286deb1a2SDoug MacEachern
413e3edf380SDoug MacEachern        * [SIGAR-46] Fix cpu_info.{mhz,cache_size} fields in UML vms
414e3edf380SDoug MacEachern
415b457837fSDoug MacEachern2007-03-29  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
416b457837fSDoug MacEachern
417b457837fSDoug MacEachern        *  Fix cpu ticks to msec on linux/ia64
418b457837fSDoug MacEachern           Submitted by: Jan Kneschke <jan.kneschke@mysql.com>
419b457837fSDoug MacEachern
420b1a19f4eSDoug MacEachern2007-03-24  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
421b1a19f4eSDoug MacEachern
422b1a19f4eSDoug MacEachern        * Implement proc_state_t.threads on OS X
423b1a19f4eSDoug MacEachern
42493ef97aaSDoug MacEachern2007-03-11  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
42593ef97aaSDoug MacEachern
42693ef97aaSDoug MacEachern        * Implement native sigar_proc_cpu_get function
42793ef97aaSDoug MacEachern
4281affc515SDoug MacEachern2007-03-07  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
4291affc515SDoug MacEachern
4301affc515SDoug MacEachern        * Plug various handle+mem leaks on win32
4311affc515SDoug MacEachern          Submitted by: Jan Kneschke <jan.kneschke@mysql.com>
4321affc515SDoug MacEachern
433808a7deeSDoug MacEachern2007-03-04  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
434808a7deeSDoug MacEachern
435808a7deeSDoug MacEachern        * [SIGAR-29] Add pdh language translation support
436808a7deeSDoug MacEachern
437808a7deeSDoug MacEachern        * Add RegistryKey.getMultiStringValue()
438808a7deeSDoug MacEachern
439808a7deeSDoug MacEachern        * Add win32.LocaleInfo class
440808a7deeSDoug MacEachern
441808a7deeSDoug MacEachern2007-02-28  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
442808a7deeSDoug MacEachern
443808a7deeSDoug MacEachern        * Add signal name lookup support
444808a7deeSDoug MacEachern
44530c1d357SDoug MacEachern2007-02-24  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
44630c1d357SDoug MacEachern
44730c1d357SDoug MacEachern        * Make Java objects returned by Sigar class Serializable
44830c1d357SDoug MacEachern
44985407d98SDoug MacEachern2007-02-21  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
45085407d98SDoug MacEachern
451808a7deeSDoug MacEachern        * Perl binding updates
452808a7deeSDoug MacEachern          Submitted by: Nicolas Laurent
4536a926ec9SDoug MacEachern
45485407d98SDoug MacEachern        * [SIGAR-45] Fix disk reads/writes for LVM managed volumes
45585407d98SDoug MacEachern
4564faf382aSDoug MacEachern2007-02-15  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
4574faf382aSDoug MacEachern
4584faf382aSDoug MacEachern        * [SIGAR-42] Honor Solaris mnttab ignore flag in file_system_list
4594faf382aSDoug MacEachern
46039d8d093SDoug MacEachern2007-02-12  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
46139d8d093SDoug MacEachern
46239d8d093SDoug MacEachern        * [SIGAR-17] Fix possible bad cpu list number on Solaris
46339d8d093SDoug MacEachern
4643f94d624SDoug MacEachern2007-02-07  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
4653f94d624SDoug MacEachern
4663f94d624SDoug MacEachern        * Make sure solaris has _POSIX_PTHREAD_SEMANTICS defined
4673f94d624SDoug MacEachern          Submitted by: Jan Kneschke <jan.kneschke@mysql.com>
4683f94d624SDoug MacEachern
4693f94d624SDoug MacEachern2007-02-06  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
4703f94d624SDoug MacEachern
4713f94d624SDoug MacEachern        * Fix possible overflow in FreeBSD cpu_get impl
4723f94d624SDoug MacEachern          Submitted by: Jan Kneschke <jan.kneschke@mysql.com>
4733f94d624SDoug MacEachern
47485a5f105SDoug MacEachern2007-02-02  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
47585a5f105SDoug MacEachern
47685a5f105SDoug MacEachern        * [SIGAR-40] Change win32 file_system_list to ignore removable disks
47785a5f105SDoug MacEachern          such as floppy, usb, etc.
47885a5f105SDoug MacEachern        
479db6cc45fSDoug MacEachern2007-01-29  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
480db6cc45fSDoug MacEachern
481db6cc45fSDoug MacEachern        * [SIGAR-38] Change win32 swap_get to use GlobalMemoryStatusEx
482db6cc45fSDoug MacEachern
4836eb5f9dbSDoug MacEachern2007-01-24  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
4846eb5f9dbSDoug MacEachern
4856eb5f9dbSDoug MacEachern        * Add proper thread_cpu impl for OS X
4866eb5f9dbSDoug MacEachern
487b685acc1SDoug MacEachern2007-01-23  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
4880425a023SDoug MacEachern
4890425a023SDoug MacEachern        * Fix proc_mem.size on HP-UX
4900425a023SDoug MacEachern          Submitted by: Ragnar <rr@mima.x.se>
4910425a023SDoug MacEachern
4922dcff7e5SDoug MacEachern2007-01-22  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
4932dcff7e5SDoug MacEachern
4942dcff7e5SDoug MacEachern        * [SIGAR-32] Fix FileTail on Windows
4952dcff7e5SDoug MacEachern
4967ab5c14dSDoug MacEachern2007-01-19  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
4977ab5c14dSDoug MacEachern
4987ab5c14dSDoug MacEachern        * [SIGAR-31] Improve truncation detection in FileTail
4997ab5c14dSDoug MacEachern
50082f76640SDoug MacEachern2007-01-18  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
50182f76640SDoug MacEachern
50282f76640SDoug MacEachern        * Add EventLog.getLogNames() method
50382f76640SDoug MacEachern
5048864012cSDoug MacEachern2007-01-17  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
5058864012cSDoug MacEachern
5068864012cSDoug MacEachern        * Various fixes for sparc64
5078864012cSDoug MacEachern
5089966f219SDoug MacEachern2007-01-09  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
5099966f219SDoug MacEachern
5109966f219SDoug MacEachern        * Add XenSource vendor support to sys_info api
5119966f219SDoug MacEachern
512963cfaa8SDoug MacEachern2006-12-10  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
513963cfaa8SDoug MacEachern
514963cfaa8SDoug MacEachern        * 1.3 released
515963cfaa8SDoug MacEachern
516228ee133SDoug MacEachern2006-12-04  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
517228ee133SDoug MacEachern
518894f7e52SDoug MacEachern        * Added Java wrapper for VMware vmcontrol API
519894f7e52SDoug MacEachern
520228ee133SDoug MacEachern        * [SIGAR-26] Change Pdh.getFormattedValue() to collect 2 counters if needed
521228ee133SDoug MacEachern
522228ee133SDoug MacEachern2006-12-03  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
5235fa7a0d1SDoug MacEachern
5240844a450SDoug MacEachern        * [SIGAR-19] Change cpu time units to milliseconds
5255fa7a0d1SDoug MacEachern
526eccb58d3SDoug MacEachern2006-11-05  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
527eccb58d3SDoug MacEachern
528eccb58d3SDoug MacEachern        * [SIGAR-23] Overhaul windows net_interface_* implementations to
529eccb58d3SDoug MacEachern        ensure data is reported for the correct interface
530eccb58d3SDoug MacEachern
531eccb58d3SDoug MacEachern2006-11-03  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
532eccb58d3SDoug MacEachern
533eccb58d3SDoug MacEachern        * [SIGAR-24] Any network adapter with a description of
534eccb58d3SDoug MacEachern        "Microsoft Loopback Adapter" is now flagged LOOPBACK
535eccb58d3SDoug MacEachern
536e26be5dcSDoug MacEachern2006-10-27  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
537e26be5dcSDoug MacEachern
538e26be5dcSDoug MacEachern        * [SIGAR-22] Prevent RuntimeException in FileTail impl from
539e26be5dcSDoug MacEachern        killing the FileWatcherThread 
540e26be5dcSDoug MacEachern
541367f890bSDoug MacEachern2006-10-24  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
542367f890bSDoug MacEachern
543367f890bSDoug MacEachern        * [SIGAR-20] Fix windows sigar_net_inteface_list to handle > 100
544367f890bSDoug MacEachern        interfaces (internal buffer size was fixed at 8k)
545367f890bSDoug MacEachern
546b3e6cbf4SDoug MacEachern2006-10-19  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
547b3e6cbf4SDoug MacEachern
548b3e6cbf4SDoug MacEachern        * Compile on Windows AMD x64
549b3e6cbf4SDoug MacEachern          Submitted by: Jan Kneschke <jan.kneschke@mysql.com>
550b3e6cbf4SDoug MacEachern
551b3e6cbf4SDoug MacEachern        * Changes to compile with modern visual studios on Windows
552b3e6cbf4SDoug MacEachern        
553ec2cb5c8SDoug MacEachern2006-10-10  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
554ec2cb5c8SDoug MacEachern
555ec2cb5c8SDoug MacEachern        * [SIGAR-18] Change Linux impl to use strtoull() where appropriate
556ec2cb5c8SDoug MacEachern
557bd0514eeSDoug MacEachern2006-09-30  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
558bd0514eeSDoug MacEachern
559bd0514eeSDoug MacEachern        * OperatingSystem.java has been ported to the C sigar_sys_info API
560bd0514eeSDoug MacEachern
561f3137cb5SDoug MacEachern2006-09-21  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
562f3137cb5SDoug MacEachern
5631cd8a3d1SDoug MacEachern        * [SIGAR-15] Fix sigar_fqdn_get so 'hostname' won't be resolved to 'localhost.localdomain'
5641cd8a3d1SDoug MacEachern
5651cd8a3d1SDoug MacEachern2006-09-20  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
5661cd8a3d1SDoug MacEachern
5672fe2ab43SDoug MacEachern        * Use kstat.cpu_info.brand to determine sigar_cpu_info_t.vendor on Solaris 10+
5682fe2ab43SDoug MacEachern
569f3137cb5SDoug MacEachern        * Fix Linux cpu_info /proc/cpuinfo parsing on ia64
570f3137cb5SDoug MacEachern
57133f868b5SDoug MacEachern2006-09-08  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
57233f868b5SDoug MacEachern
57333f868b5SDoug MacEachern        * [SIGAR-13] Use EnumProcesses for sigar_proc_list_get on Win32
57433f868b5SDoug MacEachern
5759d7275a2SDoug MacEachern2006-09-07  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
5769d7275a2SDoug MacEachern
5779d7275a2SDoug MacEachern        * [SIGAR-14] Fix sigar_cpu_t.total on Linux and Solaris with multi-core CPUs
5789d7275a2SDoug MacEachern
579457212edSDoug MacEachern2006-08-25  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
580457212edSDoug MacEachern
581457212edSDoug MacEachern        * Implement proc_env for Darwin
582457212edSDoug MacEachern
5834b5a2700SDoug MacEachern2006-08-24  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
5844b5a2700SDoug MacEachern
5854b5a2700SDoug MacEachern        * Sigar.getProc*(String) methods now convert PTQL queries
5864b5a2700SDoug MacEachern
587a280882cSDoug MacEachern2006-08-04  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
588a280882cSDoug MacEachern
589a280882cSDoug MacEachern        * Port hpux impl to ia64 arch
590a280882cSDoug MacEachern
591a5bd4d35SDoug MacEachern2006-07-24  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
592a5bd4d35SDoug MacEachern
593a5bd4d35SDoug MacEachern        * [SIGAR-11] Initialize log fields in solaris_sigar.c:sigar_os_open
594a5bd4d35SDoug MacEachern
59541970562SDoug MacEachern2006-07-15  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
59641970562SDoug MacEachern
5976ddf7c33SDoug MacEachern        * 1.2 released
5986ddf7c33SDoug MacEachern
59941970562SDoug MacEachern        * [SIGAR-10] Fix sigar_net_info_get /etc/resolv.conf parsing
60041970562SDoug MacEachern
6015d984e77SDoug MacEachern2006-07-13  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
6025d984e77SDoug MacEachern
6035d984e77SDoug MacEachern        * Validate that sigar.jar is binary compatible with the native library
6045d984e77SDoug MacEachern
6052ac292b2SDoug MacEachern2006-07-11  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
6062ac292b2SDoug MacEachern
6072ac292b2SDoug MacEachern        * Port linux impl to ppc64 arch
6082ac292b2SDoug MacEachern
6098a7e53b9SDoug MacEachern        * [SIGAR-9] Fix possible overflow in solaris sigar_mem_get impl
6108a7e53b9SDoug MacEachern
6110956bf0eSDoug MacEachern2006-07-10  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
6120956bf0eSDoug MacEachern
6130956bf0eSDoug MacEachern        * [SIGAR-4] Implement native sigar_net_stat_get and use w/ Java
6140956bf0eSDoug MacEachern
6154f756028SDoug MacEachern2006-07-07  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
6164f756028SDoug MacEachern
6174f756028SDoug MacEachern        * [SIGAR-8] Change win32 mem_get to use GlobalMemoryStatusEx
6184f756028SDoug MacEachern
619638588feSDoug MacEachern2006-07-06  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
620638588feSDoug MacEachern
621638588feSDoug MacEachern        * Change AIX impl to use libperfstat where available for net_interface_stat
622638588feSDoug MacEachern
623638588feSDoug MacEachern        * Change sigar_net_route_t, net_interface_config_t and
624638588feSDoug MacEachern          sigar_net_connection_t to use sigar_net_address_t 
625638588feSDoug MacEachern
626475ddf24SDoug MacEachern2006-06-30  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
627475ddf24SDoug MacEachern
628475ddf24SDoug MacEachern        * Remove mem.shared, gone in Linux 2.6 and which only left Solaris and Win32
629475ddf24SDoug MacEachern
63046d9394eSDoug MacEachern2006-06-27  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
63146d9394eSDoug MacEachern
632d03d4a94SDoug MacEachern        * Created SIGAR_1_1 branch, trunk is now 1.2
633d03d4a94SDoug MacEachern
63446d9394eSDoug MacEachern        * Java net.hyperic package renamed to org.hyperic
63546d9394eSDoug MacEachern
636774f1109SDoug MacEachern2006-06-21  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
637774f1109SDoug MacEachern
638774f1109SDoug MacEachern        * [SIGAR-7] Convert sectors to bytes in Linux file system
639774f1109SDoug MacEachern          read/write bytes metrics
640774f1109SDoug MacEachern
641071ca22aSDoug MacEachern2006-06-09  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
642071ca22aSDoug MacEachern
643f2e99826SDoug MacEachern        * [SIGAR-6] Use rounding for mem.ram on Linux rather than
644f2e99826SDoug MacEachern          /proc/mtrr if write-back registers don't add up to a reasonable number
6455ff5b9d1SDoug MacEachern
646071ca22aSDoug MacEachern        * [SIGAR-5] Fix netinfo default gateway where the first gateway in the routing table
647071ca22aSDoug MacEachern          had been selected without checking for the default destination ==
648071ca22aSDoug MacEachern
64923134639SDoug MacEachern2006-05-30  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
65023134639SDoug MacEachern
65123134639SDoug MacEachern        * Prevent possible integer overflow in filesystem_usage
65223134639SDoug MacEachern
65323134639SDoug MacEachern2006-05-24  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.com>
65423134639SDoug MacEachern
65523134639SDoug MacEachern        * ProcUtil.getJavaMainClass improvements
65623134639SDoug MacEachern
657ddddf620SDoug MacEachern2006-05-04  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
658ddddf620SDoug MacEachern
659ddddf620SDoug MacEachern        * Fold UltraSPARC-T1 virtual cpus into physical cpus
660ddddf620SDoug MacEachern        
661ddddf620SDoug MacEachern        * Fix net_connection_list on linux to handle invalid /proc/net/tcp entries
662ddddf620SDoug MacEachern
663ddddf620SDoug MacEachern        * Switch to universal binary for osx
664ddddf620SDoug MacEachern
665f81e1316SDoug MacEachern2006-04-03  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
666f81e1316SDoug MacEachern
667ddddf620SDoug MacEachern        * Fix sigar_proc_args_get on linux and osx when argv has an empty "" arg
668f81e1316SDoug MacEachern
669dbe0355fSDoug MacEachern2006-03-31  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
670dbe0355fSDoug MacEachern
671dbe0355fSDoug MacEachern        * Added binary for FreeBSD 6.x
672dbe0355fSDoug MacEachern
6734c4a1357SDoug MacEachern2006-03-16  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
6744c4a1357SDoug MacEachern
6754c4a1357SDoug MacEachern        * Remove Darwin proc_mem.shared impl.  More trouble that it is
6764c4a1357SDoug MacEachern          worth and the code did not compile on x86.
6774c4a1357SDoug MacEachern
678407840e2SDoug MacEachern2006-03-14  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
679407840e2SDoug MacEachern
680407840e2SDoug MacEachern        * Enhance native library finder to work with -jar foo.jar and
681407840e2SDoug MacEachern          within an IDE such as Eclipse
682407840e2SDoug MacEachern
68372ebceb0SDoug MacEachern2006-03-08  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
68472ebceb0SDoug MacEachern
68572ebceb0SDoug MacEachern        * 1.1.29 released
68672ebceb0SDoug MacEachern
6878cc89cd3SDoug MacEachern2006-03-04  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
6888cc89cd3SDoug MacEachern
68981a29ba2SDoug MacEachern        * Add net_interface_config.description
69081a29ba2SDoug MacEachern
6918cc89cd3SDoug MacEachern        * Use IFMIB (GetIfEntry) rather netbios to get hwaddr on Win32
6928cc89cd3SDoug MacEachern
6938cc89cd3SDoug MacEachern        * Add net_interface_config.mtu for Win32
6948cc89cd3SDoug MacEachern
695e63e0ff4SDoug MacEachern2006-03-03  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
696e63e0ff4SDoug MacEachern
697e63e0ff4SDoug MacEachern        * Removed proc_mem.vsize (same as proc_mem.size)
698e63e0ff4SDoug MacEachern
699e63e0ff4SDoug MacEachern        * Removed proc_mem.rss (same as proc_mem.resident)
700e63e0ff4SDoug MacEachern
70111429406SDoug MacEachern2006-03-01  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
70211429406SDoug MacEachern
70311429406SDoug MacEachern        * 1.1.28 released
70411429406SDoug MacEachern
705226e02e7SDoug MacEachern2006-02-28  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
706226e02e7SDoug MacEachern
707226e02e7SDoug MacEachern        * Add Sigar.getNetListenAddress method
708226e02e7SDoug MacEachern        
709226e02e7SDoug MacEachern        * Add Sigar.getNetInterfaceConfig() method
710226e02e7SDoug MacEachern
711b3fda3e6SDoug MacEachern2006-02-26  Doug MacEachern <dougm@hyperic.net>
712b3fda3e6SDoug MacEachern
713b3fda3e6SDoug MacEachern        * Replace sigar_nfs_ping with generic sigar_rpc_ping
714b3fda3e6SDoug MacEachern
7151affb0baSDoug MacEachern2006-02-23  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
7161affb0baSDoug MacEachern
7171affb0baSDoug MacEachern        * Use asm/cpuid instead of /proc/cpuinfo to detect
7181affb0baSDoug MacEachern          HyperThreading on Linux 
7191affb0baSDoug MacEachern
7201affb0baSDoug MacEachern        * Use gethostbyname_r in sigar_fqdn_get
7211affb0baSDoug MacEachern
7221affb0baSDoug MacEachern2006-01-10  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
7231affb0baSDoug MacEachern
7241affb0baSDoug MacEachern        * Add ProcUtil class
7251affb0baSDoug MacEachern        
7261affb0baSDoug MacEachern        * Pdh: if counter name does not exist, try appending "/sec"
7271affb0baSDoug MacEachern
7281affb0baSDoug MacEachern        * Add Win32.findExecutable method
7291affb0baSDoug MacEachern
7301affb0baSDoug MacEachern        * Add win32.Service.{pause,resume} methods
7311affb0baSDoug MacEachern
7322849023fSDoug MacEachern2006-01-04  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
7332849023fSDoug MacEachern
7342849023fSDoug MacEachern        * Fix cpu_list on Darwin
7352849023fSDoug MacEachern
7362849023fSDoug MacEachern        * Add FreeBSD 4.x support
7372849023fSDoug MacEachern
738dae98314SDoug MacEachern2005-12-19  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
739dae98314SDoug MacEachern
74024b88564SDoug MacEachern        * 1.1.27 released
74124b88564SDoug MacEachern
7421bdc07e9SDoug MacEachern        * Add net_interface_config.mtu for Solaris, HPUX, AIX
7431bdc07e9SDoug MacEachern        
744dae98314SDoug MacEachern        * Add version api for native binaries
745dae98314SDoug MacEachern
746dae98314SDoug MacEachern        * Add dir_usage api, recursive version of dir_stat api
747dae98314SDoug MacEachern
748dae98314SDoug MacEachern        * Add dir_stat.disk_usage field
749dae98314SDoug MacEachern
75014f00b4bSDoug MacEachern2005-12-12  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
75114f00b4bSDoug MacEachern
75214f00b4bSDoug MacEachern        * Fix internal hash table used for caching to properly rehash
75314f00b4bSDoug MacEachern        
75414f00b4bSDoug MacEachern        * Fix overzealous cache in net_interface_stat on Darwin
75514f00b4bSDoug MacEachern
75614f00b4bSDoug MacEachern        * Solaris fixes to keep kstat chain up-to-date
75714f00b4bSDoug MacEachern
75814f00b4bSDoug MacEachern        * Fallback to /usr/ucb/ps on solaris for proc_args if permissions
75914f00b4bSDoug MacEachern          deny reading /proc/nnnnn/as
76014f00b4bSDoug MacEachern
76114f00b4bSDoug MacEachern        * Add option to use sudo+cat with FileTail
76214f00b4bSDoug MacEachern        
7631296c1ebSDoug MacEachern2005-12-05  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
7641296c1ebSDoug MacEachern
7651296c1ebSDoug MacEachern        * 1.1.26 released
7661296c1ebSDoug MacEachern
7671296c1ebSDoug MacEachern        * Filter out network interface types other than loopback and
7681296c1ebSDoug MacEachern          ethernet on Darwin and FreeBSD
7691296c1ebSDoug MacEachern
7701296c1ebSDoug MacEachern        * Filter out auto-mounted filesystems on Darwin
7711296c1ebSDoug MacEachern        
772dde5c40aSDoug MacEachern2005-12-01  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
773dde5c40aSDoug MacEachern
7741296c1ebSDoug MacEachern        * Fix net_route_list for Solaris 10
7751296c1ebSDoug MacEachern
776dde5c40aSDoug MacEachern        * Add sigar_cpu_info_t.{mhz,cache_size,model} for Darwin
777dde5c40aSDoug MacEachern
778dde5c40aSDoug MacEachern        * Fix OperatingSystem.getDescription() for Darwin
779dde5c40aSDoug MacEachern        
78054341243SDoug MacEachern2005-11-28  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
78154341243SDoug MacEachern
7827e6f2316SDoug MacEachern        * 1.1.25 released
7837e6f2316SDoug MacEachern
78454341243SDoug MacEachern        * Fix sigar_file_system_usage_t.free_files for Solaris and Darwin
78554341243SDoug MacEachern
786735072baSDoug MacEachern2005-11-23  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
787735072baSDoug MacEachern
7881e307231SDoug MacEachern        * Add sigar_proc_mem page fault metrics for AIX, Darwin, HPUX,
7891e307231SDoug MacEachern          Linux, Solaris and Win32
7901e307231SDoug MacEachern 
791743b441aSDoug MacEachern2005-11-22  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
792743b441aSDoug MacEachern
7935ad1eacbSDoug MacEachern        * Add sigar_proc_state.processor for AIX, HPUX, Linux and
7945ad1eacbSDoug MacEachern          Solaris
7955ad1eacbSDoug MacEachern
796743b441aSDoug MacEachern        * Add sigar_proc_state.threads for AIX, HPUX, Linux (2.6+),
797743b441aSDoug MacEachern          Solaris and Win32
798743b441aSDoug MacEachern
799f507fd1bSDoug MacEachern2005-11-18  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
800f507fd1bSDoug MacEachern
801f507fd1bSDoug MacEachern        * net_interface related changes to support VMware vmnic
802f507fd1bSDoug MacEachern        
803f507fd1bSDoug MacEachern        * Add sigar_net_interface_config.type field
804f507fd1bSDoug MacEachern
80590c12987SDoug MacEachern2005-11-11  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
80690c12987SDoug MacEachern
80790c12987SDoug MacEachern        * Add dmalloc support for linux and solaris
80890c12987SDoug MacEachern          (enable w/ -Djni.dmalloc=true)
80990c12987SDoug MacEachern
8108174d48aSDoug MacEachern2005-11-08  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
8118174d48aSDoug MacEachern
812f45a6fcbSDoug MacEachern        * 1.1.24 released
8138174d48aSDoug MacEachern
814f45a6fcbSDoug MacEachern        * fix possible segv in sigar_fqdn_get
815f45a6fcbSDoug MacEachern
816f45a6fcbSDoug MacEachern        * fix possible fault in sigar_filesystem_usage_get on win32 if
817f45a6fcbSDoug MacEachern          LogicalDisk perf counters are uninstalled
8188174d48aSDoug MacEachern
819e5452b15SDoug MacEachern2005-11-01  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
820e5452b15SDoug MacEachern
821e5452b15SDoug MacEachern        * proc_mem.resident for all platforms
822e5452b15SDoug MacEachern
823e332275dSDoug MacEachern2005-10-10  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
824e332275dSDoug MacEachern
825e332275dSDoug MacEachern        * 1.1.23 released
826e332275dSDoug MacEachern
8271db96161SDoug MacEachern2005-10-08  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
8281db96161SDoug MacEachern
8291db96161SDoug MacEachern        * Add support for solaris 'bge' network interface metrics
8301db96161SDoug MacEachern
8311db96161SDoug MacEachern        * Add win32 sigar_who_list impl
8321db96161SDoug MacEachern
8331db96161SDoug MacEachern        * sigar_proc_args fixes for linux and solaris
83422d942beSDoug MacEachern
83522d942beSDoug MacEachern        * java -Dsigar.nativeLogging=true enables native logging
83622d942beSDoug MacEachern
8376566dd7aSDoug MacEachern2005-09-24  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
8386566dd7aSDoug MacEachern
8396566dd7aSDoug MacEachern        * 1.1.22 released
8406566dd7aSDoug MacEachern
84104ed8d1fSDoug MacEachern2005-07-18  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
84204ed8d1fSDoug MacEachern
84304ed8d1fSDoug MacEachern        * Add net_info function
84404ed8d1fSDoug MacEachern
84504ed8d1fSDoug MacEachern        * Add various helpers to OperatingSystem class
84604ed8d1fSDoug MacEachern
84704263c28SDoug MacEachern2005-07-07  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
84804263c28SDoug MacEachern
849103c90f8SDoug MacEachern        * Add resource_limit function
850103c90f8SDoug MacEachern        
85104263c28SDoug MacEachern        * Fix sigar_file_attrs_get times on win32
85204263c28SDoug MacEachern
853193465d8SDoug MacEachern2005-06-25  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
854193465d8SDoug MacEachern
855193465d8SDoug MacEachern        * Add win32 ServiceConfig class and Service.getConfig method
856193465d8SDoug MacEachern
8572dd2735bSDoug MacEachern2005-06-16  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
8582dd2735bSDoug MacEachern
859807758dbSDoug MacEachern        *  1.1.21 released
860807758dbSDoug MacEachern
8612dd2735bSDoug MacEachern        * Implement proc_mem for Darwin
8622dd2735bSDoug MacEachern
8632dd2735bSDoug MacEachern        * Include darwin binary (OSX Tiger)
8642dd2735bSDoug MacEachern
865065bdd2bSDoug MacEachern2005-06-14  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
866065bdd2bSDoug MacEachern
867065bdd2bSDoug MacEachern        * Pdh.getSingleValue renamed to Pdh.getRawValue
868065bdd2bSDoug MacEachern
869065bdd2bSDoug MacEachern        * Added Pdh.getFormattedValue method
870065bdd2bSDoug MacEachern
871b8acea2aSDoug MacEachern2005-05-25  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
872b8acea2aSDoug MacEachern
873b8acea2aSDoug MacEachern        * Implement sigar_proc_args for Darwin
874b8acea2aSDoug MacEachern
87508906a3aSDoug MacEachern2005-05-11  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
876bcd097bbSDoug MacEachern
8777d4f05d0SDoug MacEachern        *  1.1.20 released
8787d4f05d0SDoug MacEachern	
879bcd097bbSDoug MacEachern        * Use psapi instead of CreateTool32Snapshot in win32 sigar_proc_modules
880bcd097bbSDoug MacEachern        It is possible for the latter to hang on win2k, the former also
881bcd097bbSDoug MacEachern        works on NT.
88298fee69fSDoug MacEachern        
88398fee69fSDoug MacEachern        * Implement sigar_net_connection_list for AIX and HPUX
88498fee69fSDoug MacEachern        
88508906a3aSDoug MacEachern        * Convert Cpu times to seconds
88608906a3aSDoug MacEachern
88770ce28deSDoug MacEachern2005-05-10  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
88870ce28deSDoug MacEachern
88970ce28deSDoug MacEachern        *  1.1.19 released
89070ce28deSDoug MacEachern
89105aea8c5SDoug MacEachern2005-04-27  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
89205aea8c5SDoug MacEachern
89305aea8c5SDoug MacEachern        * Add disk i/o metrics for Windows 2000
89405aea8c5SDoug MacEachern
895bd6184aeSDoug MacEachern        * Add file_system_usage_t.used field
896bd6184aeSDoug MacEachern        
897bd6184aeSDoug MacEachern2005-04-06  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
898bd6184aeSDoug MacEachern
899bd6184aeSDoug MacEachern        * Add new disk i/o metrics (disk_write_bytes, disk_read_bytes,
9008ff8a5a0SDoug MacEachern        disk_queue) for Win32, Linux, Solaris, AIX and HPUX.
901bd6184aeSDoug MacEachern
902bd6184aeSDoug MacEachern2005-03-19  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
903bd6184aeSDoug MacEachern
904bd6184aeSDoug MacEachern        * Add udp support to sigar_proc_port_get win32 impl
905bd6184aeSDoug MacEachern
906bd6184aeSDoug MacEachern        * Implement sigar_proc_port_get for FreeBSD 5.x
907bd6184aeSDoug MacEachern        
90817e08f75SDoug MacEachern2005-03-15  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
90917e08f75SDoug MacEachern
91017e08f75SDoug MacEachern        * Change Sigar.getMountedFileSystemUsage to throw
91117e08f75SDoug MacEachern        NfsUnreachableException if FileSystem is Nfs and nfs ping fails
91217e08f75SDoug MacEachern
91317e08f75SDoug MacEachern        * Implement sigar_net_connection for FreeBSD
914bd6184aeSDoug MacEachern
915bd6184aeSDoug MacEachern        * Implement sigar_proc_port_get for AIX
916bd6184aeSDoug MacEachern
9176f1985d4SDoug MacEachern2005-03-11  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
9186f1985d4SDoug MacEachern
919748d605eSDoug MacEachern        * Add sigar.NetStat class
9206f1985d4SDoug MacEachern
9216f1985d4SDoug MacEachern        * Add sigar_net_connection_t.state field
9226f1985d4SDoug MacEachern
92341e49783SDoug MacEachern        * Add sigar_net_connection_t.{send,receive}_queue fields
92441e49783SDoug MacEachern
92541e49783SDoug MacEachern        * Implement sigar_net_connection for solaris
92641e49783SDoug MacEachern        
9276f1985d4SDoug MacEachern        * Netstat enhancements
9286f1985d4SDoug MacEachern        
929cb5fa665SDoug MacEachern2005-03-09  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
930cb5fa665SDoug MacEachern
931cb5fa665SDoug MacEachern        * Add CpuTimer class, helper around ThreadCpu class
932cb5fa665SDoug MacEachern
9330037cb04SDoug MacEachern2005-03-01  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
9340037cb04SDoug MacEachern
93594a7f02fSDoug MacEachern        * 1.1.18 released
93694a7f02fSDoug MacEachern
9370037cb04SDoug MacEachern        * fix bug in ptql args glob substring operators (Args.*.{sw,ew,ct})
93812095a2bSDoug MacEachern
93912095a2bSDoug MacEachern        * fix bug where Pentium III was reported as II
9400037cb04SDoug MacEachern        
9410037cb04SDoug MacEachern        * added OperatingSystem class to help determine linux
9420037cb04SDoug MacEachern        vendor/version info, etc.
9430037cb04SDoug MacEachern
9442d68da04SDoug MacEachern2005-02-24  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
9452d68da04SDoug MacEachern
9466ebac15aSDoug MacEachern        * 1.1.17 released
9476ebac15aSDoug MacEachern        
9482d68da04SDoug MacEachern        * Optimize aix disk i/o metric collection
9492d68da04SDoug MacEachern
9502d68da04SDoug MacEachern        * Add 'time' command to the shell
9512d68da04SDoug MacEachern
9524d69afeeSDoug MacEachern2005-02-23  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
9534d69afeeSDoug MacEachern
95451f5a943SDoug MacEachern        * 1.1.16 released
95551f5a943SDoug MacEachern        
9564d69afeeSDoug MacEachern        * Add function to get data seen in the 'who' command
9574d69afeeSDoug MacEachern
958ebaa725dSDoug MacEachern2005-02-20  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
959ebaa725dSDoug MacEachern
960ebaa725dSDoug MacEachern        * Add NfsFileSystem class w/ ping method
961ebaa725dSDoug MacEachern
962b8b1d266SDoug MacEachern2005-02-16  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
963b8b1d266SDoug MacEachern
964b8b1d266SDoug MacEachern        * Add FreeBSD support
965b8b1d266SDoug MacEachern
966b8b1d266SDoug MacEachern        * Add 64-bit linux support
967b8b1d266SDoug MacEachern        
9688af784d4SDoug MacEachern2005-01-26  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
9698af784d4SDoug MacEachern
9708af784d4SDoug MacEachern        * 1.1.15 released
9718af784d4SDoug MacEachern        
9728af784d4SDoug MacEachern        * fix windows 2003 problem with metrics that use the perfdata
9738af784d4SDoug MacEachern        registry interface when pdh.dll functions are used by the same
9748af784d4SDoug MacEachern        process.
9758af784d4SDoug MacEachern
9768af784d4SDoug MacEachern        * Pdh.getSingleValue now uses PdhGetRawCounterValue underneath
9778af784d4SDoug MacEachern
9788af784d4SDoug MacEachern        * fix win32.Pdh.close method
9798af784d4SDoug MacEachern
9808af784d4SDoug MacEachern        * fix win32.Service.finalize method
9818af784d4SDoug MacEachern        
9828af784d4SDoug MacEachern2005-01-07  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
9838af784d4SDoug MacEachern
9848af784d4SDoug MacEachern        * implement thread-cpu metrics for aix
9858af784d4SDoug MacEachern
986f077446fSDoug MacEachern2005-01-06  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
987f077446fSDoug MacEachern
988f606fe33SDoug MacEachern        * 1.1.14 released
989f077446fSDoug MacEachern        
990f077446fSDoug MacEachern        * fix solaris bug w/ multiple network interfaces that have the
991f077446fSDoug MacEachern        same name (hme0, hme1, etc)
992f077446fSDoug MacEachern
993f077446fSDoug MacEachern        * fix bug in MultiProc that sometimes resulted in negative numbers
994f077446fSDoug MacEachern        
995f077446fSDoug MacEachern        * add win32.Service.getServiceNames method
996f077446fSDoug MacEachern        
9970a8464d9SDoug MacEachern2004-12-11  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
9980a8464d9SDoug MacEachern
9990a8464d9SDoug MacEachern        * 1.1.13 released
10000a8464d9SDoug MacEachern
10010b8e4685SDoug MacEachern2004-12-06  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
10020b8e4685SDoug MacEachern
10030b8e4685SDoug MacEachern        * add iostat shell command
10040b8e4685SDoug MacEachern        
1005ce617f38SDoug MacEachern        * implement disk io metrics for aix, solaris and hpux
10060b8e4685SDoug MacEachern
10070ab4890cSDoug MacEachern2004-12-05  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
10080ab4890cSDoug MacEachern
10090ab4890cSDoug MacEachern        * added sigar_file_system_usage_t.disk_{reads,writes} fields.
10100ab4890cSDoug MacEachern          implement only on linux and win32 for the moment.
10110ab4890cSDoug MacEachern
1012d6cb75e1SDoug MacEachern2004-11-29  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
1013d6cb75e1SDoug MacEachern
1014d6cb75e1SDoug MacEachern        * fix possible segfault in sigar_group_name_get if gid == -1
1015d6cb75e1SDoug MacEachern
10167ec8647dSDoug MacEachern2004-11-22  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
10177ec8647dSDoug MacEachern
10187ec8647dSDoug MacEachern        * fix bug in RegistryKey.openSubKey under WebSphere 4.0 jdk
10197ec8647dSDoug MacEachern
102081a39ee5SDoug MacEachern2004-11-21  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
102181a39ee5SDoug MacEachern
10227ec8647dSDoug MacEachern        * 1.1.11 released
10237ec8647dSDoug MacEachern        
102481a39ee5SDoug MacEachern        * merged hyperic win32bindings package into sigar.win32
102581a39ee5SDoug MacEachern
102681a39ee5SDoug MacEachern        * added sigar_cpu_t.wait metric
102781a39ee5SDoug MacEachern
1028987200cdSDoug MacEachern2004-11-19  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
1029987200cdSDoug MacEachern
1030987200cdSDoug MacEachern        * added sigar_mem_t.actual_{used,free} fields.
1031987200cdSDoug MacEachern        on linux for example adjusts -/+ buffers/cache
1032987200cdSDoug MacEachern
10337250cd0cSDoug MacEachern2004-11-17  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
10347250cd0cSDoug MacEachern
10357250cd0cSDoug MacEachern        * added sigar_thread_cpu_t, per-thread cpu metrics
10367250cd0cSDoug MacEachern        
1037987200cdSDoug MacEachern2004-11-16  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
1038987200cdSDoug MacEachern
1039987200cdSDoug MacEachern        * 1.1.10 released
1040987200cdSDoug MacEachern        
104115a5fb32SDoug MacEachern2004-11-12  John Sachs  <jsachs@hyperic.net>
104215a5fb32SDoug MacEachern
104315a5fb32SDoug MacEachern        * added sysinfo shell command
104415a5fb32SDoug MacEachern
104515a5fb32SDoug MacEachern2004-11-10  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
104615a5fb32SDoug MacEachern
104715a5fb32SDoug MacEachern        * added MultiProcCpu and MultiProcMem classes
104815a5fb32SDoug MacEachern
104915a5fb32SDoug MacEachern        * added mps (multi-process ps) shell command
105015a5fb32SDoug MacEachern
105115a5fb32SDoug MacEachern2004-11-02  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
105215a5fb32SDoug MacEachern
105315a5fb32SDoug MacEachern        * fix cpu idle metric for windows 2000 and NT versions
105415a5fb32SDoug MacEachern        
10559265acc7SDoug MacEachern2004-10-05  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
10569265acc7SDoug MacEachern
10579265acc7SDoug MacEachern        * make sigar_swap and sigar_mem compatible with linux 2.6 kernel
10589265acc7SDoug MacEachern
105969423cefSDoug MacEachern2004-09-07  Doug MacEachern  <dougm@hyperic.net>
106069423cefSDoug MacEachern
106169423cefSDoug MacEachern        * starting ChangeLog for version 1.1.10
106269423cefSDoug MacEachern