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1Engine tests suite is collection of tests for testing the eventually persistent engine(ep-engine) component of Couchbase Server. The following tests are currently part of this suite:
21) - Tests for the flexible metadata feature
32) - Tests for parallel Warmup
43) - Tests for parallel access log generation and loading
54) - Tests for ep-engine managed compaction and expired item deletion
6The file contain the BaseTest class inherited by the Test classes in the other files.
8How to run the tests:
9The Couchbase C client library "libcouchbase" is needed to run these tests. For DataTypeTests and CompactTests, a special libcouchbase library with the 'lcb_hello' and 'lcb_compact' APIs is needed. A repository with these can custom APIs can be found below.
11In addition to libcouchbase, Google Test(gtest) is needed for all tests. Snappy library is needed for DataTypeTests. Once you have all the software mentioned above installed on the machines the tests can be compiled and run as follows:
14To compile,
15   g++ -o Warmuptest -I/root/gtest-1.7.0/include -L/root/gtest-1.7.0/lib -L/root/libcouchbase/.libs -L/root/snappy-1.1.2/ -lcouchbase -lsnappy -lgtest -lpthread
17   To run Warmuptest you need two machines(VMs). The first machine is the local VM where you plan to launch the test, edit the addNode, removeNode scripts to provide the ip address of the second machine. Test can be launched as below:
18   ./Warmuptest localhost:8091
19   A specific test case inside a test can be launched as,
20   ./Warmuptest localhost:8091 --gtest_filter=WarmupTest.WarmupActive_10DGM_ValueEvic_Test