xref: /5.5.2/tlm/deps/manifest-unsupported.cmake (revision f4275b3f)
2# Keep the list sorted alphabetically, and the platforms alphabetically.
3# The syntax is:
5# DECLARE_DEP (name VERSION version-revision PLATFORMS platform1 platform2)
7# This manifest contains entries for UNSUPPORTED platforms. These are
8# platforms on which Couchbase does not build and deliver Server binaries
9# to customers.
11# The reason for putting unsupported platforms
12# in this file is that people may then build the dependencies from:
13# tlm/deps/packages and store the resulting dependency files in
14# ~/.cbdepscache and build the system without having to patch this
15# file (where people is people like Trond who wants to set up automated
16# builders on platforms like SmartOS/Solars, FreeBSD etc).
18# The list of supported platforms may change between releases, but
19# you may use the cmake macro CB_GET_SUPPORTED_PLATFORM to
20# check if this is a supported platform.
22DECLARE_DEP (breakpad VERSION 20160926-cb2 PLATFORMS ubuntu17.04 fedora26 fedora27)
23DECLARE_DEP (boost VERSION 1.62.0-cb3 PLATFORMS freebsd ubuntu17.04 fedora26 fedora27 windows_msvc2017)
24DECLARE_DEP (curl VERSION 7.49.1-cb1 PLATFORMS freebsd sunos ubuntu17.04 fedora26 fedora27 windows_msvc2017)
25DECLARE_DEP (erlang VERSION R16B03-1-couchbase-cb8 PLATFORMS fedora27 fedora29)
26DECLARE_DEP (erlang VERSION R16B03-1-couchbase-cb6 PLATFORMS sunos ubuntu17.04 fedora26)
27DECLARE_DEP (erlang VERSION R16B03-1-couchbase-cb4 PLATFORMS freebsd windows_msvc2017)
28DECLARE_DEP (flatbuffers VERSION 1.4.0-cb1 PLATFORMS freebsd sunos ubuntu17.04 windows_msvc2017)
29DECLARE_DEP (flatbuffers VERSION 1.7.1-cb1 PLATFORMS fedora26 fedora27)
30DECLARE_DEP (flex VERSION 2.6.4-cb3 PLATFORMS freebsd sunos fedora26 fedora27)
31DECLARE_DEP (icu4c VERSION 54.1.0 PLATFORMS windows_msvc2017)
32DECLARE_DEP (icu4c VERSION 54.1-cb10 PLATFORMS freebsd sunos ubuntu17.04)
33DECLARE_DEP (icu4c VERSION 59.1-cb1 PLATFORMS fedora26)
34DECLARE_DEP (icu4c VERSION 59.2-cb1 PLATFORMS fedora29)
35DECLARE_DEP (icu4c VERSION 59.2-cb2 PLATFORMS fedora27)
36DECLARE_DEP (jemalloc VERSION 4.1.0-cb2 PLATFORMS windows_msvc2017)
37DECLARE_DEP (jemalloc VERSION 4.0.4-cb2 PLATFORMS freebsd sunos)
38DECLARE_DEP (jemalloc VERSION 4.3.1-cb2 PLATFORMS ubuntu17.04)
39DECLARE_DEP (jemalloc VERSION 4.3.1-couchbase1-cb2 PLATFORMS fedora26)
40DECLARE_DEP (jemalloc VERSION PLATFORMS fedora27 fedora29)
41DECLARE_DEP (json VERSION 1.1.0-cb1 PLATFORMS freebsd sunos ubuntu17.04 fedora26 fedora27 fedora29 windows_msvc2017)
42DECLARE_DEP (libcouchbase VERSION 2.8.4-cb1 PLATFORMS fedora27)
43DECLARE_DEP (libcouchbase VERSION 2.7.7-cb6 PLATFORMS ubuntu17.04 fedora26)
44DECLARE_DEP (libevent VERSION 2.1.8-cb3 PLATFORMS freebsd sunos ubuntu17.04 fedora26 fedora27 windows_msvc2017)
45DECLARE_DEP (libuv VERSION 1.13.1-cb4 PLATFORMS ubuntu17.04 fedora26 fedora27)
46DECLARE_DEP (maven VERSION 3.5.2-cb5 PLATFORMS fedora27)
47DECLARE_DEP (openssl VERSION 1.0.2k-cb1 PLATFORMS windows_msvc2017)
48DECLARE_DEP (python-snappy VERSION c97d633 PLATFORMS windows_msvc2017)
49DECLARE_DEP (python-snappy VERSION c97d633-cb1 PLATFORMS freebsd sunos ubuntu17.04 fedora26)
50DECLARE_DEP (python-snappy VERSION c97d633-cb2 PLATFORMS fedora27)
51DECLARE_DEP (snappy VERSION 1.1.1 PLATFORMS windows_msvc2017)
52DECLARE_DEP (snappy VERSION 1.1.1-cb2 PLATFORMS freebsd sunos ubuntu17.04 fedora26)
53DECLARE_DEP (snappy VERSION 1.1.6-cb1 PLATFORMS fedora27)
54DECLARE_DEP (v8 VERSION 5.9-cb5 PLATFORMS fedora27 fedora29)
55DECLARE_DEP (v8 VERSION 5.9-cb4 PLATFORMS fedora26)
56DECLARE_DEP (v8 VERSION 5.2-cb1 PLATFORMS windows_msvc2017)
57DECLARE_DEP (v8 VERSION 5.2-cb2 PLATFORMS ubuntu17.04)
59# 4.8-cb5 contains build fix only for FreeBSD; other platforms don't need it
60DECLARE_DEP (v8 VERSION 4.8-cb5 PLATFORMS freebsd)
61DECLARE_DEP (zlib VERSION 1.2.11-cb3 PLATFORMS freebsd sunos)
62DECLARE_DEP (rocksdb VERSION 5.7.3-cb1 PLATFORMS fedora26)
63DECLARE_DEP (rocksdb VERSION 5.8.0-cb4 PLATFORMS fedora27)