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1This directory contains the Couchbase nightly test (CBNT) test config file.
2This is a performance testing infrastructure used as part of commit validation
3for both the memcached and ep-engine projects.
5The couchbase-based test harnesses require this yaml config file to know which
6tests to run.
8The config file follows the following format:
11- test: testname1
12  command: "command to run this test"
13  output:
14    - "outputfile1.xml"
15    - "outputfile2.xml"
16- test: testname2
17  command: "command to run this test"
18  output: "outputfile.xml"
21One really important thing to note about this config file is that all commands
22should be relative to the root of the couchbase build directory
23(i.e the directory which contains all of the projects; the result of a repo
24sync) so that it can appropriately find all of the required files.