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1# Cluster test
3The cluster test framework allows you to create a cluster of 'n' nodes on the
4same machine to test cross-node functionality (replication, durability etc).
6## Quick howto
8    auto cluster = cb::test::createCluster(4);
9    auto bucket = cluster->createBucket("test", {{"replicas", 3},
10                                                 {"max_size", 67108864}});
12At this point you've got a cluster with a bucket named test and all of
13the replication streams should be up'n'running. The cluster provides
14a way to get a connection to a given node, or to get a connection to
15the node where a given vbucket lives (with the specified state).
16Note that you would need to authenticate and select bucket (the system
17can't select the bucket for you as that would need to happen after
18an authentication phase):
20    auto connection = bucket->getConnection(Vbid{0});
21    connection->authenticate("foo", "bar", "PLAIN");
22    connection->selectBucket("test");
23    conn->store("foo", Vbid(0), "value");
25## Limitations
27* Can't move vbuckets around (rebalance)
28* No support for CCCP bootstrapping (we should be able to do that)