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2*238f6e77STrond Norbye
3*238f6e77STrond NorbyeGithub "pull requests" may (unfortunately?) not be used to submit a fix
4*238f6e77STrond Norbyeto this project. Code changes needs to go through our code review system
5*238f6e77STrond Norbyeand our commit validation system.
6*238f6e77STrond Norbye
7*238f6e77STrond Norbye# Sign our Contributor License Agreement
8*238f6e77STrond Norbye
9*238f6e77STrond NorbyeContributor License Agreements (CLAs) are common for projects under the
10*238f6e77STrond NorbyeApache license, and typically serve to grant control of the code to a central
11*238f6e77STrond Norbyeentity. Because our code is available under the Apache License, signing the
12*238f6e77STrond NorbyeCLA doesn’t prevent you from using your code however you like, but it does
13*238f6e77STrond Norbyegive Couchbase the ability to defend the source legally and build and maintain
14*238f6e77STrond Norbyea business around the technology.
15*238f6e77STrond Norbye
16*238f6e77STrond Norbye1) [Join our review site](http://review.couchbase.org/)
17*238f6e77STrond Norbye2) Log into the review site.
18*238f6e77STrond Norbye3) [Fill out the agreement](http://review.couchbase.org/#/settings/agreements)
19*238f6e77STrond Norbye   under *Settings* > *Agreements*
20*238f6e77STrond Norbye
21*238f6e77STrond Norbye# Make your changes and upload your changes
22*238f6e77STrond Norbye
23*238f6e77STrond NorbyeOnce you're happy with your code changes upload your changes to the review site
24*238f6e77STrond Norbyeand add "kv_engine_dev" as the reviewers. The commit validation system will
25*238f6e77STrond Norbyeautomatically build your change and run the unit tests.
26*238f6e77STrond Norbye
27*238f6e77STrond NorbyeFor more information, see [Couchbase Open Source Projects](http://developer.couchbase.com/open-source-projects)